What types of digital threats can jeopardize your company's security?

January 27, 2022

What types of digital threats can jeopardize your company's security?

With the digital transformation and the abrupt change in the working methods of organizations due to the pandemic, as well as the various types of processes that activities involve, they are dominating the world of work. Users are connecting to company platforms across different networks, often unsecured, across shared devices and varying locations.

There are more and more people, data, programs and devices interconnected (more devices than people), which makes it difficult to control and secure them, increasing the vulnerability of companies. Hackers are also more creative and efficient, using all this digital concentration to their own advantage.

There are several types of threats and ways to use hacked information:

  • O phishing, sending emails that appear to be trustworthy, but are nothing more than a scam to steal confidential data. It is a way of tricking users into obtaining passwords, codes and information that allows hackers to gain access to credit cards, for example.

  • Already Malware is a software, whose objective is to be able to access a computer without authorization, which also makes it possible to damage it. The damage caused can be large if unauthorized access to sensitive information is possible.

  • O Ransomware it is also software that blocks access to the computer's system and files and that, for their recovery, requires the payment of a ransom. This payment does not guarantee the recovery of access to the system.

  • The practice of Spyware is, as its name implies, a way of spying on how a system operates. Both stored information, network traffic or access data are exposed and in the hands of the hacker.

  • In addition to the malicious practices that affect digital security, there is also the Social engineering. This method can be associated with any of the others mentioned above, where competing companies use manipulation practices to obtain confidential information.

I never thought about it, now what?

Having exposed the main dangers, it is very important that your company reduces the probability of being hacked. There are security systems that reinforce the protection of data and digital practices of organizations, which operate in a way that reduces the probability of leaving information at the mercy of techniques and malicious people. It is therefore essential to understand security flaws and keep up with the evolution of technology.

Is it always the computers fault? No! Our behavior on the web and the way we implement information systems and use them is just as important as the factors mentioned so far. Being informed and aware of the technologies developed to minimize the risk of attack is part of the process.

So far it seemed to be working without any kind of problem and did you realize that, after all, everything could be at risk? Learn how you can reduce the risks of a computer attack and how to maintain your company's Digital Security:

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What types of digital threats can jeopardize your company's security?

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