Ransomware – How a Cloud Backup Can Save the Day!

September 13, 2019

Ransomware – How a Cloud Backup Can Save the Day!

The attacks of Ransomware continue to increase and claim more victims than Messi and Ronaldo combined.

Despite the warnings of experts on the level of online security, it is observed that the losses continue to increase. Recent developments in Ransomware techniques force IT specialists to adapt their data protection and backup plans.


When it comes to Ransomware, attackers do not distinguish between types of business and, even after having access to the network and data (namely banking), hackers can adapt the ransom demand to the possibilities of the victim organization. Usually paid in ??Bitcoins??, not to leave a trace.

If some cases become public, such as the CUF Hospitals or Champalimaud Foundation, the truth is that most of the time these attacks are not visible to everyone, giving the perception that they are only aimed at large organizations. The fact is that daily we see SMEs increasingly being the main targets of this type of attacks. As they do not have the financial resources of large companies to invest in multiple layers of protection, theSMEs are therefore more vulnerable and it is not because they are smaller that the value of their data is less.

Why do companies need a remote backup?

Os Online attacks happen even if you don't click on a suspicious link received by email in the Spam folder sent by the Prince of Nigeria. Attackers exploit system vulnerabilities and sometimes manage to infect legitimate websites that will spread Ransomware to anyone who accesses them.

That's why it's essential to have a 2nd backup off-site. Once inside the network, hackers seek to access as much equipment as possible and spread the attack.

A copy of off-premises backups may be a last resort. This way, you can be sure that even in the catastrophic situation your entire network is compromised, even so you can recover your data from a Cloud ☁️, where your backups are synced and securely housed there.

“No one touches your data!” Musafa, Systems Engineer at Samsys

Samsys is a partner of StorageCraft, a leading manufacturer in the field of data protection and recovery. We have available for you Datacenter prepared to host your backups, as well as to allow a quick Disaster Recovery.

Learn how Samsys can with StorageCraft solutions help you protect your data from Ransomware attacks. Don't wait any longer, contact us now to get a security solution and ensure that your data is properly protected.

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Ransomware – How a Cloud Backup Can Save the Day!

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