Recognition – PHC Top Sales Master

June 29, 2020

Recognition – PHC Top Sales Master

We are PHC partners since 2007, 13 years of experience from our Certified consultants. From there, the recognition PHC TOP 10 Partner became recurrent, which we are very proud of.

This route allows the PHC consultants, play the role in a more experienced way and, to cement it, training is provided to complete the curriculum of these professionals.

Message from PHC

"We are proud to send you this recognition, on behalf of PHC, as a PHC CS TOP 10 Partner '19. Congratulations on the excellent performance in 2019. It is thanks to the work and dedication of Partners like Samsys that PHC has also evolved and grown.

Thank you so much for allowing us to grow with you."

Discover how Management Software can accelerate your Business

The ideal solution to meet the demanding needs of small, medium and large companies, it provides: ease of use, power in data analysis, scalability, total reliability and provides powerful information analysis tools for decision making.

Have full control of the commercial and financial areas.

Together we are stronger and we continue to grow.

Discover the Bundle that we have prepared with your business in mind for PHC Corporate, Advanced and Enterprise solutions. Get contacted by one of our certified managers and learn more about the features and how to implement Electronic Invoicing in your Management Software.

Efficient, Agile, Updated.

Hundreds of implementations and an experience of more than 15 years are some of the factors for obtaining information in a fast, flexible and secure way. Specialized and focused by areas, they use simple and assertive language. The success in ERP implementation lies, among others, in the creation of automations adapted to the reality and expectations of each company.

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Recognition – PHC Top Sales Master

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