Do it! 5 mistakes in digital security for your business

July 2, 2021

Do it! 5 mistakes in digital security for your business

Na 38th issue of DO it!, Carlos Bernardino, leader of the Samsys Systems Team shares his knowledge with the opinion article:

5 mistakes in digital security for your business

In a closed country, “without being able to go outside”, online shopping has skyrocketed, as has the daily consumption of the internet and different computer equipment.

Online Security

Companies now find two paths that must be traveled side by side: the path of digital transformation, to obtain a competitive advantage and the path of security of their data.
Running away from problems only makes them bigger. Facing the attacks will only make your company stronger. The Samsys Systems Engineering Department explains 5 common mistakes that happen in companies:

  1. They do not practice basic hygiene of their systems
    Point. Attacks undergo changes and with the advancement of technology anything is possible. Most companies have complex network systems in place with immense opportunities for hackers to infiltrate and break through your security. What we call “basic network hygiene” such as outdated software and unsuitable operating systems puts your business at risk of attack.
  2. Trust multiple third-party providers
    Some of the most advanced companies in the market have already realized that they must align their security strategy to protect their organizations' greatest asset: data. Companies today tend to work with many third-party vendors who develop applications or provide services. Do you know the power these service providers have in your company? Do they have 100% access to your data?
    Opt for solutions that continuously monitor abnormal behaviors that prevent 24/7 possible attacks on your endpoints.
  3. Believe that an antivirus is enough
    Entrusting your company's security exclusively to a simple antivirus is a very common and risky mistake. Computer crime is just one successful phishing email away: one click on a link and your company data is compromised.
  4. They don't create a culture of online safety
    While many of the online attacks that take place are on large companies, it is wrong to assume that all other businesses are not or will not be targeted by an attack. The best way to avoid is to prevent. In other words, create a culture of online safety awareness. All employees must be aware of existing threats and prevent threats from becoming reality.
  5. Don't prepare for an eventual attack
    Companies must accept the fact that these types of situations do not just happen to others. The key is to have a plan to prevent or recover from an eventual system crash.

At Samsys, working in the area of ​​Consulting and IT Solutions, we seek to offer adequate and customized answers, which are affirmed as implementations of the future and that help companies to grow.

The best protection is prevention.

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Do it! 5 mistakes in digital security for your business

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