Learn all about the Digital Complaints Book

August 17, 2018

Learn all about the Digital Complaints Book

The complaints book regime was simplified and with it came the electronic complaints book, a measure of the SIMPLEX+ 2016 program, defined in the Decree-Law No. 74/2017.

A first phase started in 2017: the digital complaints book is available our essential public service providers (electricity, natural gas, electronic communications, postal services, water and waste).

digital complaints book

As of July 1st of this year, these rules benefit consumers of other goods and services, as they was extended to all other economic activities.

From 2 July 2018 economic operators must register on the platform. The steps to follow are as follows:

  • Enter the portal via the link www.livrocomplaincoes.pt and select “Register”.
  • Fill in the available form. Identify ASAE (as regulatory/supervisory entity), select the sector of activity and submit.
  • You will receive the access credentials in your email: login e Password.
  • Access the platform again, enter the credentials and “login”, ending the registration process.

Platform advantages

The aim is to modernize and dematerialize the complaints book. Access linkwww.livrocomplaincoes.pt

digital complaints book

1. Quick response

You have the right to receive a answer also digital within a maximum period of 15 business days.

2. Accessibility of information

On this platform you can ask information to the regulatory authority, consult faQ and legislation in force.

3. Savings

In the digital submission of complaints – Suppliers of goods and service providers will now be able to send the paper complaints book sheets to the regulatory authorities electronically.

Environmental Law – The number of copies of paper complaints book sheets will be reduced, promoting the use of electronic platforms.

Purchasing a Complaints Book – When the supplier of goods or service provider changes its activity or its economic activity codes (CAE) change, it is no longer necessary to buy a new complaints book.

4. Streamline procedures

Suppliers of goods and service providers will now have to send to the regulatory authorities, with the complaint sheet, the relevant elements for consideration (for example, a copy of the advertising message when the complaint concerns advertising).

5. Obligations

give help – It becomes mandatory for suppliers of goods and service providers to help consumers and users to file a complaint whenever they need to.

Visible information – Having information about the existence of the complaints book visible, although there is no longer a specific model for this purpose.

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Learn all about the Digital Complaints Book

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