Samsys expands business areas – Absorption Softloja


Samsys expands business areas – Absorption Softloja

Inserted in a strategic vision of growth directed to the needs of our customers and focused on the area of ​​IT (Information Technologies), we have recently expanded our response capacity in the area, with the absorption of SoftStore – a technology company with 32 years of existence specializing in the areas of Accounting, Production Control, Human Resources Management, Sales and Stock Management.


Although it only exists under its current corporate name since 1989, SoftLoja's origins date back to the 70's, when it started in the computerization activity of companies and development of computer applications in the most different areas. Based in Alfena – Valongo, Softloja excels in delivering hardware and software adjusted to the specific needs of its customers, in training, technical assistance and in the implementation of IT solutions.

In this way, and in line with our values, we will be able to boost and speed up innovation in more than 100 companies in the national market, with the increase of technological solutions that Samsys has to offer, increasing its position in the sector.

We will continue to look out for opportunities to improve our skills and range of solutions through the incorporation of companies and professionals who identify with Samsys' strategy and vision.
In this way, we provide more solutions that help companies grow.

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The process of company merger that Samsys makes available may be what you are looking for. Do you have difficulty managing all your customers' requests? Too much work and little availability? Do you spend more hours working than you would like? Do you accumulate functions and have difficulty responding to all requests? Samsys can help you!

Why do we carry out the absorption of companies?

There is often the dream of having a company and working in the area that you like. However, the reality is different. Running a business encompasses more than just doing what you love. It involves doing whatever is necessary for the company to continue to progress.

At Samsys we pay great attention to human values. Therefore, we acquire companies who really need help. The change to the Samsys team will bring back the initial dream: stop carrying out all the other tasks that you had to do out of obligation, in areas that you do not master, to only dedicate yourself to the areas that you like the most and in which you are specialized. .

The Absorption Process

Human appreciation and personal valences are the basis for making a decision. The process is simple, but its time varies depending on the type of company. We can guarantee the transition of the company's employees, if applicable, and the continuity of relationships with existing customers. These will always be taken into account during the process, and upon absorption they will be informed of what happened, as well as the suppliers, who will also be notified of the occurrence.

A merger between companies may be the solution your company needs. Samsys offers you the possibility to integrate an organized structure, which will allow you to free up more time to dedicate to those you love the most, get rid of all the tasks that you don't like, and start dedicating yourself only those you like and in which you specialize. You don't have to leave your customers behind, you can bring them with you, and not only continue existing relationships, but also offer them a better and more complete service.

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Samsys expands business areas – Absorption Softloja

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