Samsys is Enterprise Prime Partner PHC 2022

January 21, 2022

Samsys is Enterprise Prime Partner PHC 2022

With great pride that, once again, we renewed the Enterprise Partner distinction and we are one of the 13 companies selected to be part of the program PHC's Prime Partners'22.

PHC Prime Partner 2022

This reconhecimento is most advanced of the Portuguese multinational dedicated to the development of management software and allows us to guarantee the quality of our services.

Being PHC's ERP makes it possible not only to streamline your company's management processes, but also to increase your company's profitability through innovative software solutions that are adaptable to different business areas.

Advantages of using a management software such as PHC

The management system improves the business administration process:

  • Easily adapts to the business, facilitating accounting analysis, order tracking and responding to customer requests
  • Allows you to amplify the quick action/reaction of strategies and anticipate problems
  • Anytime management, information always available in real time
  • Reduces the risk of information loss and each factor is stored in the right place
  • Opportunity to create a new business model, adjustable to different realities

A Samsys has been a PHC partner since 2007, providing different solutions for companies according to the needs of each business. Our consultants are certified, which guarantees the best service and experience when joining.

Yet another differentiating commitment we make to help our customers grow.

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Samsys is Enterprise Prime Partner PHC 2022

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