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Samsys Applications - Applications that help you grow

Our mission is to help our customers increase their business efficiency and productivity. In line with your needs, our team develops specific tools for your business to give your project notoriety.

Application that integrates your SAF-T files with PHC accounting.

An application that allows you to control the date of inspection of the vehicles you have in your automotive workshop.

Application that allows automated synchronization of data storage.

Application that allows employees in your company to register, in real time, contacts with customers and visits made, with less loss of important information.

Application that allows a service of marking by means of a list of contacts, of easy consultation.

Application that allows to register real estate and owners, as well as to work the best way the contacts management.

A solution to control the time of a work team (or even a group of machines).

Easily distinguish portions of donations received for non-profit associations.

Application that allows the absolute control of the records and the history of repairs of computer equipment.

A mobility application for managing the warehouse processes compatible with PHC CS-Desktop.

Application that allows you to issue certified billing documents at completely customized time intervals.

Application that allows the automatic connection between PHC and Magento (e-commerce solution).

Our mission is to find the best technological solution that fully meets the specific needs of our partners. Contact us to arrange a presentation of these solutions for your project. Continuous, adjusted and customized solutions allowing the creation of a close relationship between our professionals and your business. Solutions that help you grow.