Human Magazine – Samsys Company of Excellence to work for in Portugal

August 31, 2022

Human Magazine – Samsys Company of Excellence to work for in Portugal

Samsys, a certified consultant in the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector, based in the Porto area, celebrates 25 years of existence.

Samsys – Company of Excellence

It is specialized in management consulting, systems engineering, communication, marketing, web development and assistance and support, operating at national level and starting the path of internationalization.

«We seek knowledge and position with our presence at international events, the path was made difficult by the pandemic, but we continue to study this option", says Samuel Soares, 'chief executive officer' (CEO) of the company, who still shares: "The post-pandemic scenario has given us new guidelines, being fundamental show recognition to our employees and value them, from day one, with a surprising 'welcome kit', differentiated training, continuous improvement in working conditions, state-of-the-art IT [information technology] equipment, birthday offer, incentives to practice sports and healthy eating , wedding and birth gifts and, recently, health insurance.”

The post-pandemic was, therefore, «an accelerator for the hybrid format of work and schedule flexibility», points out Samuel Soares, adding: «It was necessary to be attentive to the distance and also to the well-being of each one. We recently promoted a remote Trivial Pursuit with the whole team and the smiles on the monitors were more than many… Something different from face-to-face, but where we got the same result.

We are currently finalizing the our biggest in-person event, which is organized by the entire team for society in general. It is in these challenges that we make ourselves known and that we know each of us better. It is essential to feel, listen, understand what to shape or change, and act.” In turn, Ruben Soares, also CEO of the company, considers that «the basis of the strategy for people management is innate, and that prevailed». In other words: «It is not a mathematical equation, but the feeling that moves us that it is necessary to have happy who is around us and walks by our side daily, this is something that brings happiness to the team and takes us further.”

At Samsys it was fundamental to reinforce the union in remote environment, which was accelerated by the pandemic. «We created daily end-of-day meetings, by teams, so that the connection was not broken and the goal and focus remained. It was not the same for everyone, and it was necessary to be aware of the impact of the remote on the different temperaments of each one and act», remembers Ruben Soares. And he adds: “Our annual meeting was held remotely, but it was considered by many to be the best annual meeting so far.

A physical box was delivered to each employee, full of challenges, incentives, treats and so many surprises... During the meeting and the mini 'team buildings' with important questions posed to the team, we were removing pieces from the box, suitable for the remote challenge that was to be proposed: we got reinforce incentives with a health plan for each one, the change of car fleet to a more sustainable one… And proposals with commercial, operational and financial goals that in the end transport us further throughout this year.”

Company of Excellence

The company has been in constant growth and also faces the current challenges of talent retention, redundancy of roles and low job offer in some areas. For this reason, the search for new people is something recurrent. «We cannot fail to highlight the internships that we have carried out, both curricular and within the scope of ATIVAR, with people who have become effective Samsys collaborators», highlights Ruben Soares, also emphasizing: «We value people who identify with the values ​​of company (COURAGE): Competent; Goals; Responsible; helpers; genuine; committed; motivators. These are our values, and Helping is in our DNA. "

Mobility and sustainability have taken on a relevant importance in the company's goals to
this year. «Samsys reinforced its commitment to electric mobility with the acquisition of seven new vehicles for its fleet. Until 2025 we expect to have an all-electric fleet", says Samuel Soares, intervening again, and then concludes: "Defining a purpose for the environment is a priority. The planned study is underway for the installation of solar panels, energy charging points, 'green' certification processes, fleet renewal, Live More internal actions, Waste Less. We feel that employees are proud to be part of an organization that makes it happen. "

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Human Magazine – Samsys Company of Excellence to work for in Portugal

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