Samsys on RTP 2 – “Happiness at Work”

July 1, 2020

Samsys on RTP 2 – “Happiness at Work”

Samuel Soares was on the program of RTP2 – Civil Society where he spoke about Happiness at Work.

The Civil Society Program is presented by journalist Luís Castro and aims to be a relaxed program but with a mission very focused on public service.

Happiness at Samsys

Complete issue can be consulted at RTP Play

How Happy Are We?

“Loving what we do is fundamental, identifying ourselves with the company's values ​​as well, but being in tune and working in a good environment, fighting for the same objective is what is directing us to where we want to get. We believe that a good environment has a direct positive impact on motivation and productivity. Of course, there are days when it is more difficult for us to get out of bed or when even the weather can influence our mood, but the greater force around us is positive, and this has an invigorating effect.” Samuel Soares

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Samsys on RTP 2 – “Happiness at Work”

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