Samsys present at WordCamp Lisbon 2019

20 May, 2019

Samsys present at WordCamp Lisbon 2019

WordCamp Lisbon 2019
From left to right: José Alves, Vítor Rodrigues, Natanael Vieira

On May 18th and 19th, Samsys was once again present at a community event WordPress Portuguese, this time in WordCamp Lisbon 2019 that took place at ISCTE.

This year our participation went up a level and included the presentation of a lecture entitled “Sport as Plugin?” and carried out jointly by Natanael Vieira from the Communication Team and Vitor Rodrigues from the Development Team.

This is a partnership that repeats something that is very common in the projects we carry out both for Samsys and for our customers, linking design and technology.

Samsys and the community WordPress Portugal

Over the years, Samsys, whether institutionally through sponsorships to the different WordCamps carried out in Portugal, either individually, through some of its elements, has accompanied the Community WordPress Portuguesa.

Previously, preparing some presentations for meetups, performing a workshop about WooCommerce or supporting the organization of events… this time jumping to the track of the big event WordPress National.

We say jumping because our presentation, entitled “Sports as a Plugin”, was precisely about the importance of sport in the day-to-day of everyone who builds web solutions on WordPress or simply who belong to the large slice of the population that has jobs that require sitting for hours on end typing on a keyboard and looking at a screen.

sport like Plugin

“Sport as Plugin” was a lecture that sought above all to give visibility to the importance of managing our most precious asset: our the body. This lecture did not have a technical content as usual in the lectures that take place in this type of event, such as those involving the themes of remote work, diversity in the community, etc.

With the advancement of technology and studies, the "body" is increasingly more likely to reach 80 or 90 years and this "management" has to do with maintain our physical condition, as this has a major impact on our quality of life.

Sport as a Plugin – Session Video

More than telling the audience about what they already know (benefits of sport) we seek to bring ideas, using our reality (Natanael and Vitor), integrated into a greater reality that is the Samsys Team, where with motivation, inspiration and perspiration from Ruben Soares and Samuel Soares, we managed to have more than 40% of the company practicing sports on a regular basis, including sports such as crossfit, swimming, mountain biking and running.

At Samsys, there are those who enjoy lunchtime for swimming, crossfit or running, and there are also those who get up at dawn to run and who travel the country on weekends to cycle in the most remote places in Portugal.

This massive participation of the team helps us all in the factor of motivation, that is sometimes forgotten in our daily lives, but when we have someone by our side to encourage us everything becomes easier.

In addition, we share the different strategies that each of us followed to be able to include more of this activity in our calendar, in addition to all professional and personal responsibilities and we feel that, in the end, we manage to inspire other people to do something that we truly believe that has a positive impact on our lives.

If we have achieved it, it will already be a first victory... but the real victory will only occur when someone we can inspire has really changed something in their life... and that depends on each one of us.

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Samsys present at WordCamp Lisbon 2019

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