Samsys: TOP Box Company!

Junho 25, 2021

Samsys: TOP Box Company!

Samuel Soares & Ruben Soares

Top Top is to be a TOP Box! With great gratitude, we communicate that Samsys was distinguished with the CAIXA TOP status, from General cash deposits, for our daily commitment to helping national SMEs to grow.

O CAIXA TOP statute distinguishes companies from the exporting sectors and the most dynamic sectors of the economy, selected by Caixa, as well as the PME Líder, the 500 Largest Companies and 1000 Melhores PME.

Being a CAIXA TOP Company is:

To be a company that stands out in the most dynamic sectors of the economy with an annual sales growth of more than 20%, or an exporting and/or innovative company, with growth in exports of more than 20%, or have the status of SME Leader or integrate the rankings of the 1000 Largest SMEs or 500 Best SMEs.

It is being committed, dynamic and competitive.

The good companies in Caixa are Top Box!

How can we help you and your company to be TOP?


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Samsys: TOP Box Company!

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