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On these holidays, keep your computer park in shape and guarantee reliability throughout the year

Avoid harmful and sometimes irreparable unforeseen events.

Modern circuit board, hardware

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE - Prevention is better than cure

Preventive Maintenance is the most important thing but we, at Samsys, are prepared and we also have the best technical specialists dealing, among others, with the physical cleaning of equipment – with specific substances for each component – ​​along with the operating system, antivirus and tool checks and updates or even disk error corrections.


out of order

Be aware of the time/production cost resulting from a broken station or having all your equipment at risk. For example, the natural and unavoidable infiltrations of dust are, in the medium term, causing system downtimes with associated repair costs.

loss of information

In a worse scenario, but very common in machines subject to intensive use, imagine losing all data from the hard disk of a computer dedicated to administrative services and which had no backup.

Wait no more!
Together we make your business grow

With technology increasingly linked to its business formula, Samsys recommends that you do as soon as possible the Preventive Maintenance of your computer park.

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