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At Samsys, we look daily for solutions that help grow. Imagine losing all your company's information. With the integrated Software and Hardware solution that Samsys implements, this will never happen. Our solution allows the automated synchronization of data storage, for example from your PC to a professional disk and its replacement in minutes.


Backup software for Windows servers and desktops


Fast and reliable backup and recovery:

ShadowProtect allows you to create a backup of your system and data to be reset at any time. After the initial backup, the backups’ differences take only a few seconds without interruptions. It recovers critical data by locating and restoring the files and folders you need.

It schedules the backup automatically:

ShadowProtect provides a very simple to use scheduler which automatically processes backups while you work.

Schedule complete or partial backups of your system and data, with high reliability.

Stores backups to any location:

ShadowProtect backups can be stored on

USB, FireWire, or preferably on a storage device or network location. ShadowProtect is also used to remotely migrate backups to the cloud.


Did you know that data loss is responsible for irreparable damage in many businesses?

If you lose information from your computer (even if it's only last-minute work) it seems like it is the end of the world.

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