Servers and Backup Solutions

Servers and Backup Solutions

Is the information in a safe place against any incident that might happen?

Recent studies show that 93% of companies lose data because of a disaster and end up closing.

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HP Partner Solutions

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an industry-leading technology company that enables customers to go further, faster.

With a comprehensive portfolio, extending the reach of the cloud to the data center and desktop applications, its technology and services help customers around the world make IT more efficient, more productive and more secure.

Range of Solutions

Blade server rack in large data center


ProLiant Rack Servers (DL) and Tower Servers (ML) - HP ProLiant servers with the latest industry-standard technology allow you to increase performance and decrease your business costs, because they provide:
- Superior energy efficiency and simple management
- Component modularity and interoperability
- Reliability and high availability

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Network Equipment

Switching | DataCenter, Campus and Branch networking - HP devices enable global network connectivity, without sacrificing security, reliability and scalability.

Wireless | Access Points and Controllers - HP Wireless solutions enable all mobile workers, students and SME employees to be connected whenever they need to, anytime, anywhere.

WatchGuard Partner Solutions

Panda Security is a Spanish multinational, leader in advanced cybersecurity solutions and in management systems and monitoring tools. Since its founding in 1990, it has consistently maintained its innovative spirit and marked some of the most important advances in the cybersecurity sector. Its current business model is based on the development of advanced cybersecurity strategies and technologies

Range of Solutions

Perimeter | WatchGuard Firebox

Acts as the first line of defense against external attacks. It filters web browsing, email traffic, and access to content over Wi-Fi connections, and secures web servers published on the Internet.

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WatchGuard Endpoint Protection

It provides advanced cybersecurity to fight malware, with prevention, detection and remediation capabilities. It also covers monitoring, collection and categorization of 100% of active processes across all endpoints in the organization.

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Management | Systems Management

It allows simple and accessible management, monitoring and support of all devices in your company, both in the office and outside.

Arcserve Partner Solutions

StorageCraft Technology Corporation ™ is a multinational specialized in Business Continuity Software, which develops solutions in backup, disaster recovery, systems migration, virtualization and data protection for servers, desktops and laptops. StorageCraft ensures disaster impact reduction by minimizing permanent damage and loss.

Range of Solutions

Image Manager | Data replication in different locations

Local or network replication, Offsite replication, Cloud replication.

Cloud | Offsite recoverability extension

Disaster Recovery Cloud and Cloud-to-Cloud Backup.

Shadow Protect SPX | Physical and virtual solutions

Cross-Platform Backups (Windows and Linux), Fast Backups, Fast Reset and Simplified Management.

Shadow Control and Image Manager | Easy management and verification

Centralized Management, Policy Based Administration, Simplified Image Management, Automated Scanning and Customizable Alerts.

WatchGuard Partner Solutions

WatchGuard has a system security methodology through several levels, such as the recognition of the possibility of intrusion, the delivery of malicious content, exploitation of vulnerabilities, system infection, launch and control of the attack, propagation of malware and achievement of the objective of the attack. To avoid all this process, it uses regulation methods that prevent, detect and respond to attacks.

Range of Solutions

Network Security Services

WatchGuard offers the widest range of network security services, ranging from IPS, URL filtering, gateway antivirus, application control and antispam to services to combat advanced threats such as file sandboxing, data loss prevention, against ransomware and more.

Firebox Solutions

It includes a wide range of Firebox solutions that are easy to buy, deploy and manage. They range from physical desktop and rack-mounted models that are just one unit tall, to virtualized and cloud-based offerings.

Management and visibility

WatchGuard has become a differentiator by providing monitoring and visibility solutions, which allow real-time and deferred observation of what is happening on the network. This monitoring can range from the volume of traffic and applications that are passing through it to in-depth analysis of visitors and airspace, as well as valuable marketing and guest engagement tools.

network hardware inspection

Wireless security hardware

Much more than wireless connectivity, WatchGuard offers wireless security solutions. Its focus is the provision of mobile connectivity service, without implying additional risks of intrusion into the network, through equipment and services that protect the airspace from unauthorized devices, false access points and malicious attacks. Can provide this protection without compromising high performance

Dell EMC Partner Solutions

Dell leads enabling standards and technologies through industry groups and strategic partners such as Samsys. This partnership provides exclusive access to cutting-edge technology. Dell acquired the technology company EMC, an American multinational company, leader in the market of data storage, information security, virtualization and computing devices.

Range of Solutions

it engineers in network server room


Samsys bets on Dell servers to support the implementation of IT infrastructures. Innovative Dell PowerEdge servers have emerged to help customers drive IT transformation. They have the latest technology industry standard technology, allowing them to increase the processing speed and performance of storage applications on scalable and efficient servers.

information server

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (Storage)

Samsys has Dell high availability and convergence solutions that allow for greater reliability in safeguarding information, from a few virtual machines running on a single physical computer, to an entire group of servers on multiple root servers. Dell Storage solutions utilize state-of-the-art technology that helps maximize efficiency and minimize storage costs by converging servers and storage.

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Servers and Backup Solutions

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