Online stores

Online stores

While e-commerce was already on the rise before COVID-19 due to business demands and demand, improvements in technologies and internet availability around the world, the pandemic has given an additional boost to online shopping. With many lockdowns, more and more people started to rely on e-commerce as the main option for purchasing goods.

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Benefits of creating an online store

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1. Sell any day, any time and anywhere

Availability is the key factor in e-commerce. The online store is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which allows consumers to obtain information about products and make purchases at any time. In addition, it manages to have greater sales opportunities and reach customers in several countries.

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2. Maximum detail in product information

In a physical store, given the vast number of existing products, the amount of information that employees can provide about each product is limited. However, in e-commerce the scenario is different, it is possible to create a product portfolio with the information and details of them, in order to describe each product. Thus, the more information about a particular product you can give to the consumer, the greater the chances of purchase.

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3. Payment Methods

Using e-commerce, you can use various payment options according to consumer preferences, such as bank transfer, MB Way, cards, paypal, among others, which allows you to increase your sales chances.

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4. Win and win new customers and greater visibility

It is possible to define strategies to optimize your e-commerce and place it in the first results of search engines pages, with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

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5. Integration with social networks

Through the integration of social networks on your website, it is possible for consumers to learn more about your business and identify with your brand through its communication strategy and the values ​​it conveys. Thus, with the help of some plugins, it is possible to integrate social networks into your online store and increase your brand's reputation on digital channels.

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6. Integration with ERP

By integrating Zapsys on your website, you can...

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7. Possibility of tracking results and monitoring consumers

On e-commerce platforms it is possible to monitor and analyze the performance of your business through the analysis of metrics such as website traffic, rate of return, billing value and analysis of data and information about the profile of consumers based on in their behavior when browsing your site such as their preferences, the most sought after products, the “peak” hours that allow you to optimize your campaigns and your communication strategy. Online shopping is skyrocketing and your competitors are able to keep up the business and sell. Why isn't your company there too?

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Online stores

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