Vertical Management for various areas such as restaurants, retail, hotels and clinics

Samsys' partnership with Wintouch began in 2003, with the objective of increasing Samsys' range of solutions for its customers. The evolution of this relationship is also related to the fact that these partners are increasingly presenting very competitive solutions in the face of market demands.


The Wintouch ERP is a tool made up of several modules that are scalable and configurable to the reality of companies, and which allows the management of the universe of operations that characterize the daily reality of small and medium-sized organizations.

Adapted management and invoicing solutions

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Commercial management

Manage your company with simplicity and convenience. Easily control sales and purchase operations, suppliers, stocks, production, current accounts and the evolution of your entire business.

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Certified by AT, it was designed for restaurants, cafes and bakeries, bars, self-service and nightclubs. A simple and effective application that allows you to adjust the layout to your reality and register and control all operations in your space.

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Designed to respond to various types of business and retail companies. The application has been configured to be used with touch screens and allows full configuration of the various interfaces and lists. Complete solution for textile business.

Wintouch solutions

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This is an ERP for the management of small and medium-sized hotels. The existence of powerful management panels and different maps allow it to become an essential tool for decision making. In addition, it has interfaces with points of sale, door opening keys and connection to online reservation systems.

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As catering is a very vast area in which there are types of business with unique specificities: a bakery is not the same as a restaurant, or a bar as a cafeteria, this solution is modular and you can acquire the modules that make the most sense for your business. business.

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Ideal tool to manage offices or clinics with the most varied valences, such as Cardiology, General Practice, Dermatology, Gynecology/Obstetrics, among other specialties. Also responding to the specific needs of other specialties such as Physiotherapy, and other specialties.

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Complete management system granted from the ground up to respond to the various types of retail business. Together with the Wintouch ERP, it offers companies a complete and comprehensive system that covers the needs of different areas of the business, in addition to being an adaptable tool.

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