Productive Innovation Incentive System | COVID 19 - Individual Projects

24 April, 2020

Productive Innovation Incentive System | COVID 19 - Individual Projects

O Productive Innovation Incentive System - Covid-19, is intended to support companies that intend to establish, strengthen or reverse, even temporarily, their production capacities for goods and services aimed at combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Modernize your IT park, have an adequate marketing plan, software licenses, specific software development, acquisition of IT equipment, among others.

It's only until the 31st of May, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Support reaches 80% of eligible non-refundable expenses


Who is it for?

To SMEs and non-SMEs, of any nature and under any legal form, with projects in the following investment priorities:

  • SMEs, in granting support for the creation and expansion of advanced capabilities for the development of products and services;
  • No SMEs, as part of the promotion of business investment in research and innovation, the development of links and synergies between companies, research and development centers and the higher education sector;

Companies from all over the country can apply and all economic activities aimed at the production of goods and services relevant to COVID-19 are eligible.

Os supports reach the 80% of eligible non-refundable expenses, being added an incentive of 15% to projects whose execution takes place within two months, raising the level of support for the 95%. The purpose of this increase is to encourage beneficiary entities to make their products available as quickly as possible.

We want to help you in the preparation and submission of the application

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  • Machinery and equipment acquisition costs, costs directly attributable to placing them in the location and conditions necessary for them to be able to function, as well as costs with the adaptation of equipment and with the reorganization of production lines;
  • Costs of acquiring computer equipment, including the software necessary for its operation;
  • Technology transfer through the acquisition of national and international patent rights;
  • Licenses, “know-how” or technical knowledge not protected by patent;
  • Cost with the construction of buildings, renovation works and other constructions, up to a limit of 50% of the total eligible expenses of the project;
  • Standard or specifically developed software for a particular purpose;
  • Studies, diagnoses, audits, technical-scientific consultancy, marketing plans, architectural and engineering projects, associated with the investment project;
  • Laboratory tests and tests and necessary raw materials, certifications and conformity assessments, essential for the development of the investment project.

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Productive Innovation Incentive System | COVID 19 - Individual Projects

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