Portugal 2020 Incentive System – We support the Candidature


Portugal 2020 Incentive System – We support the Candidature

Productive Innovation and SME Internationalization

From ordering food to booking cheaper hotels, always available at our fingertips, we use apps and services that were once just simple ideas. But, have you ever stopped to think about who thought of these ideas and who had the courage to turn them into reality?

Do you intend to build or expand an industrial unit? Start your company's internationalization process? Or even implement energy efficiency systems, bet on digitalization and Industry 4.0?

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Portugal 2020

Portugal 2020

New phases of applications are planned for the following Incentive System:

Productive Innovation

  • Machinery and equipment (including installation costs);
  • Computer equipment and software;
  • Construction of buildings, remodeling works and other constructions.
  • Technology transfer through the acquisition of national and international patent rights;
  • Licenses, “know-how” or technical knowledge not protected by patent;
  • Standard or specifically developed software for a particular purpose;
  • Engineering services relating to project implementation;
  • Studies, diagnoses, audits, marketing plans and architectural and engineering projects, associated with the investment project.

SME internationalization

  • Participation in international fairs;
  • Market prospecting (visits to potential customers);
  • Design of promotional material (catalogues, flyers, posters);
  • Advertising in foreign media (magazines, TV, radio, billboards);
  • Market studies and marketing plans;
  • Acquisition of portable computers;
  • Digital marketing and press relations;
  • Creation and registration of trademarks;
  • Website development and e-commerce platforms;
  • Videos and apps for mobile devices;
  • Support for the hiring of up to two graduates (for two years);

Samsys is an Accredited company under the 2020 Program, in providing consultancy within the Simplified Projects/Valleys in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Internationalization.

We are recognized as an entity that has its own skills to develop its projects and manage its entire process.

We are a company specialized in projects and applications for national and community funds. Count on Samsys to help you do what your business can do to improve and evolve your business.

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Portugal 2020 Incentive System – We support the Candidature

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