ERP PHC Management Software | Top 5 Trusted Partner

February 16, 2018

ERP PHC Management Software | Top 5 Trusted Partner

We have been partners with PHC since 2007, 10 years after Samsys emerged and since then the work developed with these partners has not stopped growing. In 2009, we achieved the status of PHC Enterprise Partner and also that of TOP Performance PHC Partner. From then on, the PHC TOP 40 Partner recognition became recurrent, which we are very proud of. In addition to all these awards, we achieved a presence in the top 5 of PHC's biggest partners, in terms of number of certified consultants.

This path allows the PHC Consultants Team, formed by 8 elements, to play the role in a more experienced way and, to cement it, training is carried out in order to complete the curriculum of these professionals.

Certifications allow us to be experts in:

  • PHC CS Desktop Enterprise/Advanced/Corporate;
  • PHC CS Web;
  • CS Desktop Project/Manufactor/Quality;
  • MSS Support & Implement;
  • PHC Drive FX Commercial/Supporter/Developer;
  • Kalipso Developer.

Facts about PHC

In the market since 1989 and our partner since 2007, PHC recognize us as Enterprise Partner PHC, the highest partnership level it assigns. O ERP PHC help us to help our customers. Allows you to streamline management processes and increase the profitability of your companies, through advanced fully adaptable to different business areas.

Samsys is perfectly able to implement various solutions, regardless of the ranges of PHC that are required, in order to satisfy the needs of SMEs and large companies, from all sectors, mainly large companies in the industry sector.

Partnership and Relationship with PHC

The relationship with PHC started ten years ago, at a time when Samsys realized that its partners needed an ERP capable of adapting to its business and its growth. Thus, it evaluated the existing national and international solutions and considered that the ERP PHC was distinguished by its richness of its base features and by the power of customization and development of its powerful framework.

Two years after starting the partnership, we achieved the highest status of Enterprise Partner and we have been distinguished several times in the top 40 of PHC partners, at the national level, and to receive consecutively other distinctions, such as the presence in the top 5 of PHC's biggest partners, in number of certified consultants.

The great advantage of ERP PHC is the ability to evolve in the direction in which the company evolves, given the possibility of customization.

PHC Consultants Team

Meet the Samsys Team that has more than 5000 hours of PHC implementation in companies from the most varied sectors.

This is the team that will visit your company and make a study of your needs, which will allow you to design the solution to help you grow your business.

Inform yourself with our ERP PHC specialists, who have more than 15 years of experience and thousands of hours of implementation, in more than 200 clients. We know exactly which solution you need.

We guarantee a evolutionary and fully adapted to what each company actually needs, allowing customers to focus only on their business, taking executive decision making to a new level of precision, vision and speed.

Specialization Projects

The PHC Team specializes in Consulting and Software Development. More specifically in Management, CRM, Treasury, Accounting, Human Resources, Production, Shop Floor Management, Warehouse Management and Logistics, Mobility in Pre-Sales and Self-Sales.

The great advantage of all the experience of this Team is directly related to the ability to extract the best from the functionalities standard of the ERP PHC and use its powerful framework to adapt it to the needs that prove necessary.

For all this, learn about the great advantages of ERP PHC.


Micro and Small Business

For this type of companies there are 2 main solutions, the PHC Corporate and the FX Drive.

PHC Corporate – It is a solution that shares the same robustness and reliability of the Enterprise range, where the adaptation functions of the framework to allow more competitive prices for this target companies. This simpler version covers all functionalities standard from the ERP. Advanced management of customers, suppliers and stocks, sales and purchase processes, as well as actual and forecast treasury, among others. The Corporate range works with MS SQL Express database server.

FX Drive – This is an online SAS solution for micro and small companies. Quick to bill and register your purchases, efficient to manage stocks and simple to control cash movements.

Small and Medium Business

A Advanced range sharing the same structure as the Enterprise range, however it is intended for companies with large need for information analysis and with a greater volume of data. It is framework has powerful tools for advanced data analysis in the commercial and financial areas. It is also ready to take advantage of Microsoft's professional database engines.

Medium and Large Companies

Companies that express greater specific needs have at their disposal the powerful framework of the Enterprise range, which allows unlimited adaptability to the business. Enterprise brings together the best of both worlds: vertical (development tailored to the company's needs) and standard software (developed by software houseFrom standards market). With the unlimited customization capability of framework of the Enterprise range, Samsys has no barriers in providing the solution that helps our partners the most.

All ranges are characterized by ease of use, with automated processes, high reliability and highly effective data analysis.

* Depends on the capacity of the computer system

PHCCS (Client Server)

The PHC CS range is available in two interfaces: desktop, for Windows computers, and Web, for mobility solutions not dependent on the device or operating system.

PHC Solutions   Tailored to Your Business

Transversal solutions for all companies

1. MANAGEMENT AND ERP PHC – The most complete solution to facilitate the management of your company.

This system requires setting goals and the ability to report timely performance results to everyone in the organization.

2. FINANCIAL – Complete solution that makes the financial control of all areas.

The aim is to help you gain full control over tax data and related reports, manage and monitor your company's performance and enable you to comply with your legal obligations.

3. HUMAN RESOURCES – Increase the level of effectiveness in HR management.

This application manages the entire cycle of your presence in the organization, the necessary training and training, without forgetting the maintenance and control of absenteeism rates, so that everyone can focus on the company's goals.

4. TECHNICAL SUPPORT – Save time in customer service and improve the quality of your service.

It includes a strong ability to manage the customer base, management of technical teams, continuous analysis of the level of service, follow-up and monitoring of time management, rapid preparation of budgets and continuous management of contracts.

5. CRM – Complete solution for sales force management and automation of marketing actions.

Monitor the entire life cycle, needs, preferences and profitability of each customer, in order to ensure the constant growth of business profits.

6. TEAMS AND PROJECTS – Make the most of your employees' uptime and complete projects on time.

With this software, the entire company will be aligned in the tasks to be performed, in the projects under development, simultaneously achieving that all the information is made available in real time to those who need it.

7. FLEET – Be aware of the evolution of the costs of your vehicles in real time and optimize maintenance management.

Features that allow you to monitor the costs of each vehicle in real time and ensure that their maintenance is carried out in an efficient and professional manner.

Sector Solutions | Areas of expertise


PHC Software provides real-time information on the manufacturing process, allowing you to anticipate problems and quickly react to anomalies.


It has a full range of features that help you achieve your organization's speed and effectiveness goals.


Helps to optimize internal purchasing and cost control processes. This fact forms the basis for a sustainable and growth-oriented financial situation.


It ensures stock management and excellent operation at the point of sale. It thus guarantees a direct and reciprocal link with the stores.


In addition to the full clinical information about each patient, the entire financial and administrative area is controlled and managed. Therefore, it does not neglect billing to patients and entities and the control of current accounts.

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ERP PHC Management Software | Top 5 Trusted Partner

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