GRENKE financing solutions, ideal for your project

June 28, 2019

GRENKE financing solutions, ideal for your project

We know that when you need financing in renting for your business is looking for the best solution on the market. At Samsys we analyze your case and advise you to bet on the best solutions, adapted to your reality and with advantageous conditions.

We are always on the lookout for innovative products and services and looking for opportunities for our customers, regardless of business area or sector.

For 9 years, Samsys has been a partner of GRENKE – recognized German financial group, specialized in the financing of technological solutions, which has been in Portugal since 1978.

What it means "renting of equipment"?

O renting turns a purchase into a source of financing

renting of equipment consists of the rental of a good, for a predetermined period, with a pre-fixed income. At the end of that contract, the customer has the possibility to renew it for the purchase, for example. This is one of the financing solutions that SMEs can use to enhance its competitiveness and efficiency.

It is a financing model that has a relevant tax and treasury impact on companies and is a growing market. with a contract of leasing, installments can be accurately budgeted and in the end the options are varied.

Samsys, in partnership with GRENKE, offers you the possibility to use Simple, fast-response financing solutions, so that you can focus only on the profitability of the solution you want to bet on.

Products from Renting GRENKE

We introduce you to the products from renting GRENKE available and we help you choose the one that best suits your needs. financing needs of your company.

  • Classic Lease – ideal for companies that need to constantly update their technological equipment.
  • Master Lease Agreement – flexible financing line in renting, adapted to all the needs of investment in technology, with fixed conditions (for 12 months) and with exemption from commissions.
  • Print Plan – intends to establish a maintenance agreement and number of copies/prints/scans/labeling with special prices? This is the ideal plan.
  • Credit Transmission – recommended for reseller business. This solution enhances the closing of all your businesses without capital investment.
  • Financeable Assets – exclusive conditions of financing in renting for computer equipment, copying and printing, office, energy efficiency, industrial, security, medical area, among others.

Main advantages

  • In the balance sheet structure, the renting has the advantage of not count as fixed assets and the debt does not exist in the liability column. This means that the company with contracts of renting it ends up improving the financial autonomy ratio and controlling the level of indebtedness more easily.
  • renting equipment with a high technological profile allows the company schedule equipment change and include it in the initial contract or, simply, wait for the end of the contract and request an exchange of equipment.
  • At the tax level, rents from renting are an exercise cost and are considered in their entirety. They can be accounted for in the IRC as “rents and rents” and amortization accompanies the cash flow.
  • If the manager considers a long-term investment profitable, has the option to change the renting in a purchase, which can usually be done with a Long Term Rental (ALD) contract. In practice, the company buys on credit and at the end of this ALD term it will only have to settle the remaining rents.

At Samsys we advise you to…

  • Be aware of the tax benefits included in the State Budget.
  • That you think carefully about the term of the contract of renting equipment, to avoid paying the rent during a period when you should be adapting your investment to a new technology. You can ask for a re-examination of the contract, but you run the risk that the renting impose tougher conditions.
  • Establish a fixed income throughout the period for the manager to anticipate fund needs and avoid default.

Invest in technological solutions that help you innovate and make your business more sustainable.

We want to help your company to grow, this is our main mission. Take your doubts with us!

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GRENKE financing solutions, ideal for your project

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