Telework & Collaboration Solutions

March 18, 2020

Telework & Collaboration Solutions

Given the outbreak of COVID-19 in Portugal and the growing number of cases that we have been encountering, many companies are faced with an unknown scenario when the question of employees telework (remote work).

In this context, it is necessary for companies to adapt to reality and think of new strategies that allow the normal functioning of the work and, therefore, remote work is a strategy that must be present in any company's contingency plan, insofar as it makes it possible for all tasks inherent to each employee are carried out with complete regularity, when faced with an unexpected situation.

Samsys brings together a set of solutions that are adapted to the context of the most varied sectors of activity that allow you to implement these strategies in your company in order to promote its normal functioning.

Telework Solutions


Microsoft Office 365 (Teams + OneDrive)

The best productivity applications with intelligent cloud services that transform the way your business collaborates. Connect all your company's employees with the latest versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other devices. communicate faster with Microsoft Teams and create conversation windows for your teams. Automate all your processes.

PHCWeb with CRM Web

Go from “Business at Speed” to “Business at Home”. A centralized platform that aggregate all the information that enters, and that is treated, which is fundamental to have all the current elements in order to make the best decisions.


Control your entire business, from the supply chain (acquisitions, inventory management, sales management, customer service) to financial management (budgeting and accounting, fixed assets, financial reporting, SVAT certification)


All XD Solutions (Business Management, POS, REST, SPA) integrated with XD Cloud, available for iOS, Android and Web. Monitoring the evolution of the business in real time. Such as, daily, global or establishment sales consultation; consultation of best-selling articles per day, daily customer indicators.

VPN connections

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a secure path between your device and the Internet. VPNs are used for protect yourself and your business against hackers, information theft and other online threats.

It can also work as an online proxy. Allows you to anonymously use the internet without leaving a trace of your browsing.

Antivirus Solutions, Backup e Disaster & Recover

The attacks of Ransomware continue to increase and claim more victims than Messi and Ronaldo combined. Now, with telecommuting at peaks never seen before, it is essential to have a 2nd backup off premises. Once inside the network, the hackers seek to access as much equipment as possible and spread the attack.

See the article we have already done on this subject:

A copy of Backups off-premises may be a last resort. In this way, you can ensure that even in the catastrophic situation of your entire network being compromised, you can recover your data from a Cloud ☁️, where are your Backups and there they are safely housed.

Collaboration Platform for your Team

Through our partnership with Mitel, we are able to supply and install business telecommunications systems adapted to the needs of small, medium and large companies.

Through Mitel MiCollab have access to a complete collaboration platform for your team. At a time when we find ourselves working in different places, with MiCollab you have everything you need to connect and collaborate as a team.

  • Everything you need in different places, like video, voice, messaging, conferences.
  • Have different devices? No problems. Stop chatting on your cell phone and call through your desk. Is your child at home and wants to assemble that puzzle that already had dust? No problem. Grab your Tablet and multitask.
  • Available for apple fans, android tech's and those who don't put down their laptop.
  • At the end of the day, schedule a conference with all your employees!
  • Integrate with outlook, personal calendar, transfer files within the organization.

Never has the hashtag #secureremotework made as much sense as the collaboration solutions presented.

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Telework & Collaboration Solutions

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