Online Security Business Solutions

February 21, 2018

Online Security Business Solutions

Do you still remember the phone call from comedian Bruno Nogueira? Yes… for a computer company where he “clearly” explains his network and Online Security difficulties and on the other side no one is able to help him.

We currently live in an 'internet' ecosystem and a bad choice of security system can negatively interfere with your results. Imagine being without your most important data?

It's about Security that we want to talk to you today.

At Samsys we seek to offer adequate answers and solutions that assert themselves as implementations of the future and that help you to grow. We implement security solutions such as Endpoint Protector that allows the DLP: MDM and all those acronyms that the average mortal cannot understand. well, our Systems Team treat them for yourself.

- Carlos Bernardino, what is DLP and how can it help my business?

“DLP comes from English Data Loss Prevention. And we know that confidential information in the hands of a direct competitor can be the end of a company. The systems we implement protect companies and prevent this same information leakage. DLP keeps important data within your business encrypted and that information cannot be sent. It also detects Social Engineering attacks and blackmail attempts.

Have you tried google search “How to stay safe online?” - We did that:

There are about 6 million responses. Articles that are similar and others that are different. What we propose is quite simple. Ask this question to one of our Network and Communications and IT specialists.

Our team is waiting for a contact from you to decide together the best solution for your computer park.

Remember the old joke about 2 BBC photographers when they were filming a Lion in the middle of the jungle. When the lion notices the presence of journalists, he starts to walk around with a very threatening intention. One of the journalists/photographers gets up and starts running, when he notices his colleague still sitting and changing his boots for running shoes.

Photographer 1: "You'll never escape a lion with that on, it's no use."

Photographer 2: “It's true, but with them on I can run faster than you!”

The first step in protecting yourself starts simply by protecting yourself better than the next person.

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About Endpoint Protector

Online Security

Endpoint Protector is a complete DLP and MDM solution that prevents users from storing confidential data on their equipment and from stealing critical business data or bringing potentially harmful files onto storage devices within the network. The Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention, eDiscovery and Device Control modules are available for Windows, Mac and Linux, while the mobile device management add-on module is available for iOS and Android as well as Mac.

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Online Security Business Solutions

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