Stay safe with the new “No Touch” Printing Solution

February 17, 2021

Stay safe with the new “No Touch” Printing Solution

Get even more out of your printer with your mobile device.

Xerox® Workplace Mobile App

A Xerox® Workplace Mobile App gives you a personal, contactless connection to your multifunction printer, saving you time on everyday tasks and getting your work done safely.

Now you can digitize, print, photocopy or make jobs available using a smartphone as a command, without having to touch the printer's user panel.


Today, work means mobility. Flexibility is essential for increasingly remote and mobile work teams, working from any location, from any device and at different times.

Mobile devices and all-in-one printers can keep the momentum going, but only if you can connect quickly and securely: wireless should mean no problems.

And at a time when theSafety is a priority for companies with employees returning to the offices, untiltouchless technology is even more important.

main challenges

Transferring documents from the phone to the printer can be difficult. And often, scanning jobs from the multifunction printer to their intended destination is a multi-step process that takes precious time.

Finding a printer on the network to print or scan from your mobile device should be very easy, rather than tedious and difficult to do.

IT departments need to always provide secure access to users with multiple devices on an ever-changing infrastructure.

And at a time when companies balance remote work with returning to the office, employee health and safety is essential.

Don't have a Xerox printer yet? Talk to us, we'll sort it out now!


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Stay safe with the new “No Touch” Printing Solution

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