Strategies for your Social Networks

August 10, 2020

Strategies for your Social Networks

Drive the growth of your communication channels while creating value with your content. At a time when everything is “out of the ordinary”, maintaining constant and integrated communication of your business is essential. Not only to make your product and/or service known, but how to create a relationship with your followers.

Communication and Marketing Strategies

Tests in the Networks

One of the biggest benefits of social networks – for companies, is the possibility for users to create their own content. Strange no?

Not. User-created Content has become a global force, present on the main platforms and which has become one of the biggest mechanisms for promoting different brands.


Testimonies are a psychological phenomenon that refers to the trust of people about a certain experience in a certain place of another user. This situation occurs when a user demonstrates the creation of content about a brand, product or service and publishes it online without any monetary or additional motivation to do so.

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Other users later see that publication and buy the message from that brand through the respective user.

For example, if we have a friend we know well and he recommends a product, a movie, a song, a book, or a restaurant, we are much more likely to follow his advice than if that information came from a paid advertisement or from another source.

Build your Community

Create a community on Social Media

Allied to a 360º communication, there are different ways to create your community of followers that create content for yourself.

  • Run a contest, using a single hashtag, that makes it easy to find the content created by your followers.
  • Create a general business hashtag and actively encourage users to use it.
  • If you have a local business, search for your location and see what users have posted about your location. New ideas for campaigns, contests, or even partnerships may come up.
  • Check your notifications and look for shareable content, always with the content creator's permission, attention.

Our Social Odyssey

How we work in defining a social media strategy:

  • Definition of your target audience;
  • Defining your story;
  • Communication strategy for different channels;
  • Content Creation;
  • Paid Campaigns;
  • Insights and Reports;
  • Constant optimization.

Which is your brand's storytelling?

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Strategies for your Social Networks

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