Microsoft's Surface Pro | Why is it best for you?

February 9, 2018

Microsoft's Surface Pro | Why is it best for you?

At Samsys there is a theme that pleases everyone – the Technology. We are concerned and willing to try what is at the forefront, even to know the best that the market offers and use this knowledge to enlighten consumers, which is all of us.

In view of the characteristics and the projection that it had and is having the Surface Pro we couldn't help but test it we were surrendered with this hybrid, mainly by:

processing speed

easy mobility

screen brightness

battery life

Quality of assistance

Great Performance

Surface Pro

Rui Guimarães – Commercial Team: “It's like a high-end laptop, but with the versatility of a tablet… without comparable capacity and power. ”

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Microsoft has shown itself to live up to what the competition presents and has not defrauded the expectations of consumers, who are increasingly demanding and difficult to please. Lately, your big bet has been quite right…the hybrids are here to stay and are surpassing the tablets. Now, Apple still has some way to go in this direction…

The comparison with the main competitor, Apple, is obvious. Not only for marketing reasons, but also for brand tradition, Microsoft competes most fiercely against it.

What did we find when we compared the devices from both brands?

Exclusivity comes at a price and both Microsoft and Apple do not refrain from making it felt in the cost of their products. Allied to exclusivity weighs the innovation, which is differentiating and whose pack assigns a certain status in society, which is what moves crowds.

Compared to other devices in the Apple , like the iPad Pro 12.9, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook, the Surface is effectively a good alternative, as it brings advanced features, for an average price lower than Apple's.

The only model that has a lower price is the iPad Pro 12.9, however the features are quite different. If we analyze the iPad Pro 12.9, we see that the screen is smaller, the battery does not yield as much, it has RAM memory and also less storage space, compared to the Surface Pro.

Like us, get informed and buy one of the most coveted equipment on the market today. We are happy to clarify your doubts. To do this, use the form below. To purchase the product, you can click on the button above. Good shopping!

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Microsoft's Surface Pro | Why is it best for you?

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