SMS campaigns targeted to >750 new customers

March 29, 2018

SMS campaigns targeted to >750 new customers

With the new Samsys services, Regional SMS and Store Front SMS, create targeted SMS campaigns for the more than 750 people registered in the GoWi-Fi community. Reach these people's mobile phones by creating segmented and targeted SMS Marketing campaigns for those who may become your new customers.

targeted sms campaigns

Advantages of Segmented SMS Campaigns:

  • No need for its own database, the people to impact are the more than 750 users already registered in the GoWi-Fi Community;
  • can set standard characteristics of the target audience to be reached, including gender, age and geographic area;
  • It achieves target the campaign to typified users type, for example shoppers, students, travelers, among others;
  • Can contact directly with the people who pass in front of your store, sending an SMS to those who have not yet entered or have just entered your establishment (Only available in the SMS Store Front option);

You can also use your contact database and, for that, maybe you already use another bulk sms service, but the great added value of this solution is to be able to create segmented SMS Campaigns that reach more than 750 people registered in the GoWi-Fi community so that they can get to know you and become your customers.

Some scenarios of Targeted SMS Campaigns:

  • A hairdresser who recently opened his space, or who is in a location where few people pass by, wants to reach more potential clients. To do this, create a SMS campaign with a voucher for all women between the ages of 25 and 45 who have spent the last few days in the store's geographical area and who have the “Fashionable” profile;
  • An eye clinic intends to run a campaign, taking advantage of the beginning of the school year. To do this, create a SMS campaign that sends a message to all people between 18 and 25 years old, with the “Student” profile, in the city of Porto;
  • A restaurant wants to send a Automatic SMS with a discount voucher to a customer who came in and hadn't come for a few weeks;
  • An appliance store intends to send a message to a person who is not yet a customer but who has passed in front of our store and has the “Tech” profile;
  • Among other possible applications.

Targeted SMS Campaigns

If you are a company that works in the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) area, this is another tool that should be part of your communication strategy and Samsys can help you make the most of it.

Samsys can help you by designing SMS campaigns, analyzing their data and suggesting new actions. All framed in a global perspective of communication, also considering all the other Samsys communication services, such as Newsletters Management, Adwords or Facebook Campaign Management, Content Production, Website Development, among others.

Contact us to design a communication solution including the new Regional SMS and Store Front SMS services.

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SMS campaigns targeted to >750 new customers

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