Social Media Marketing Trends in 2020

December 23, 2019

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2020

Marketing Trends

As social networks grew immensely with the trends pointed out for the current year 2019. They entered our day-to-day and transformed the way we communicate and connect with people.

This entire decade has served as an active catalyst for innovation in this space. It can be seen that at the beginning of this decade, the Facebook it was an emerging platform. Today, it is the largest social network in the world. A platform created to share photos with filters is one of the most influential companies on the market.

In this article, we highlight some of the best Marketing Strategies and Trends that you need to monitor and apply in 2020. Why? Keep up to date on these trends Social media marketing will only help your company to create a stronger presence in the consumer's mind and drive growth at the business level.

Marketing Trends

Trend #1 – Social networks for Customer Service

2 billion users on Facebook, 700 million in the Instagram and 300 million in Twitter. These are the numbers that close 2019 and that continue to increase.


One of the biggest trends is customer support through social media. By the end of the year, more than 90% of companies will use social networks to respond and interact with their consumers.

Social networks are quickly becoming a repository of feedback about the brand, product and services. This is where brands try to maintain their reputation in the market. Feedback is vital to building a positive brand reputation. Consumer word travels quickly to other consumers' feeds when something doesn't go well.

Managing Customer Service can be a pain in the ass brutal for some companies that still don't have this department. The Samsys Marketing & Communications Team can assist you in this process by implementing a Relationship Marketing with your consumer to quickly and effectively implement the management of complaints, comments and criticisms. One of the Marketing Trends that is here to stay.

Trend #2 – User Generated Content

Using user-created content is one of the most natural ways to gain consumer loyalty and increase brand recognition. The Samsys Marketing and Communications Team has been carrying out this strategy for some time. We believe that being genuine is the backbone of every company. 90% of people, according to a study by stackla, states that the brand's authenticity is the reason why they choose to support or close a deal with this company.

In fact, customers also consider that this user-created content is more impactful than influencer marketing. For example, many brands pay so-called digital influencers to share a photo of their product. On the other hand, we have the common Instagram/Facebook user who, of their own volition, is so surprised by the product that they decide to share it on their networks.

In the photo, a share to the services of a client of ours that generated a very interesting number of sales.

The content created by your consumer is free and works like word of mouth marketing. The word travels quickly and makes a lasting impression. Our team is prepared to help you retain your customer and use this form of relationship marketing with your consumer.

Trend #3 – Storytelling & Transparency

The focus for 2020 is to shift the relationship between quantity of content to quality of content. For example, Instagram is leading the way, removing likes from its platform to lessen the call peer pressure effect. In other words, the main idea is that this action leads the user to create more attractive and genuine content that is not based on artificial tastes.

Instagram also intends to end the “taste for taste” publications, to promote the photography and description that the publications have.

The impetus now is to tell brand stories and create authentic experiences for customers.

Which is your brand's storytelling? Ready to take the leap in 2020?

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Social Media Marketing Trends in 2020

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