Top 25 Best Companies to Work for in Portugal 2021


Top 25 Best Companies to Work for in Portugal 2021

In the year we celebrate the 24th Anniversary of Samsys and precedes a historic milestone for Samsys, we are in the Top 25 of Best Companies to Work For in Portugal 2021.

Happiness is the biggest full-time job known.

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Samsys in the Top 25 Best Companies to Work For

samsys is different: he was born in the bedroom of two brothers, Ruben and Samuel Soares, in his parents' house, which did not have its own garage.

It was the year 1997, when the brothers chose to take the values ​​of home to a place that they would also call home.

For Ruben and Samuel Soares, the focus is not on extracting work from the collaborator, but on contributing to the happiness of the holistic being that is the human being. Concerned about being part of the engine of genuine well-being, administrators, who work with computers, do not see the team as a brain machine.

"A team of superheroes, which overcomes limits and bets on sustainability with heart and courage“, that's how they describe it, and the capital S highlighted on the wall, is more than just a representation of the brand, it's also an allusion to the supermen and superwomen who have adopted the Samsys approach in their lives. .

Naturally, the recognitions have a special flavor, but this one is particular, as it precisely meets the purpose of our effort to guarantee the best conditions for everyone, in terms of working conditions and an environment conducive to productivity.

at Samsys

At Samsys, there are many factors that make our employees happy and more productive. If you think about what contributes the most to this, it is undoubtedly the involvement.

Loving what we do is fundamental, identifying ourselves with the company's values, being in tune and working in a good environment, fighting for the same objective, is what directs us to where we want to get.

We believe that a good environment has a direct positive impact on our motivation and productivity. Of course, there are more complicated days, but the force majeure around us is positive and this has an invigorating effect on us.

It is this attitude towards life that positions us where we are today.

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Top 25 Best Companies to Work for in Portugal 2021

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