Advantages of Electronic Invoicing for your company

June 17, 2020

Advantages of Electronic Invoicing for your company

Save time, money and resources. Who never? The electronic invoice has the same validity as a paper invoice and the differences are evident.

In an age of remote work and in which various processes within organizations are being digitized, issue, send and store invoices in physical format no longer make sense within organizations.

A process that allows savings of around 60% to 80% compared to the traditional process. Electronic invoicing allows you to automate and optimize the painful process of issuing invoices and thus increase the productivity of your administrative and financial systems.

Certified electronic invoicing

The fact of saving a document in PDF and sending by e-mail is not considered a certified electronic invoice. Certified electronic invoicing guarantees that the document made available to those who consult it has not been altered and is in accordance with the requirements of the Tax Authority.

Any company can take advantage of electronic invoicing, as long as it uses a certified software and that your customers accept the digital document.

Immediate benefits of Electronic Invoicing

  • Increased productivity your administrative and financial team with the elimination of manual tasks and sometimes duplication of information;
  • Cost Reduction with storage and filing, as well as the time spent traveling to CTT or sending invoices.
  • Information Confidentiality, as the invoice is protected by security mechanisms that comply with legal requirements;
  • Upgrade your relationship with your customers that when receiving the invoice digitally becomes faster, more effective and instantaneous, which directly increases the probability of receiving payment within the deadline.
  • Remote Work Companion, as you will be able to consult the information on any mobile device;
  • Database construction, the automation of the process makes it possible to build an entire hierarchy of individualized information for each customer. It also allows to reduce the probability of document loss.
  • Environmental responsibility, an issue that is no longer additional and has become mandatory in the manifesto of several companies worldwide. For its valuable contribution to a more sustainable world, it attributes to its company an image of innovation and modernity towards its customers and competitors. A competitive edge.
electronic invoicing

With all this movement around the world, the speed of information is key in defining strategies as well as taking actions.

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Advantages of Electronic Invoicing for your company

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