PHC RH Webinar We Recruit Humans | Samsys Academy Event

December 18, 2017

PHC RH Webinar We Recruit Humans | Samsys Academy Event

Day December 13 we provided another initiative with the Samsys Academy stamp, this time aimed mainly at administrative processes of Human Resources – the PHC HR Webinar. For 1 hour, our guest, PHC specialist – Tiago Vilela, unveiled the advantages of the solutions PHC CS Web RecruitmentPHC CS Web Collaborator.

The participants had the opportunity to have a practical perspective of these solutions, due to the demonstration that was made. 

The training was aimed at people dealing with the recruitment process and consisted of the presentation of the module – desktop human resources – which has the following main advantages:

  • Optimize selection and recruitment,
  • Carry out performance appraisals,
  • Evaluate training actions,
  • Among others.

PHC HR Webinar

PHC HR Solution

We made known the PHC RH solution, which notably contributes to the increase the level of performance and allows you to reduce costs, thanks to objective identification of the suitability of each employee's role. In addition, this system makes it possible to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees.

From this perspective, that of the employees, Tiago Vilela also told us about the possibility of this system managing and enhancing the individual work of each element.

Nowadays, it is no longer justified to carry out these recruitment procedures manually, for example analyzing each CV individually, as there are systems, such as PHC RH, that allow you to progress far beyond the limits of the HR department and salary processing.


An experienced team available to help you

Check out the services provided by PHC team from Samsys.

With this PHC solution, which Samsys can install in your company and configure according to your needs, you will have a human resources software that complies with salary processing obligations and goes further in monitoring the development of each employee. It allows you to manage the entire cycle of your presence in the organization, the necessary training and training, without forgetting the maintenance and control of absenteeism rates, so that everyone can focus on the company's objectives.

If you feel the need to automate recruitment processes, to have more time to make decisions and based on clear facts, recorded in one place, this is the solution you need. Contact us and we will take care of the installation process as quickly as possible.

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PHC RH Webinar We Recruit Humans | Samsys Academy Event

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