PHC XL webinar unravels the mysteries of this financial management tool


PHC XL webinar unravels the mysteries of this financial management tool

After the Webinar that took place on the day October 25, at Samsys facilities – PHC XL Webinar -, many doubts were clarified about this hardware suitable for the financial management of any business.

At a time when the PHC specialist – Tiago Vilela – proved that the PHC XL is a perfectly reliable ally in the accounting and financial management of companies, insofar as it allows transforming a spreadsheet into a powerful decision-making tool, as he defends himself.

“The event went very well.” – said the trainer, who saw more than 30 participants interested in the potential of this product. It was a Webinar that featured a product demo and consisted of training able to alert to the importance of managing minutely the financial data organizations, saving time. 


Training Contents

The main advantage of this product is that it is a powerful platform capable of, at all times, predict and review data that can be central to companies' charts of accounts.

Tiago Vilela also highlighted that there are more than 250 accounting and financial features and helped participants identify the most financially important ones and get the most out of them. 

Samsys is witness to PHC being one of the most adaptable brands on the market and we know how important this feature is today. At company changes are constant, this is a reality that cuts across all of them. In addition, the needs that accompany them also change over time and that is why it is so important to keep updating the tools that we use in companies and that help to manage the various areas within a business.

We are in a technological world, overwhelmingly advanced and that forces us to keep up with it, if we really want to be at the forefront. 

Because of this, the fact that it is a application that can be worked on mobility is a great advantage, as it is possible to consult data, tables, etc. anywhere, anytime. This information can therefore be viewed on any mobile device, even saved, but not changed. 


PHC XL Webinar Schedule

  • Different ways to import data (from a direct link with PHC accounting and from external calculation files – xls, txt);
  • Analysis of ways to improve mapping execution, insofar as a trial balance was imported for a certain period;
  • Presentation of balance sheet and results report to customers;
  • Analysis of the possibility of changing the accounting mapping (which is not provided for in the CNS), with example;
  • Analysis of a set of templates: economic ratios, budget accounting, spending by analytical centers. templates that accompany the functionalities/tools that are available in the PHC XL. These are the possibility of using analytical centers, budget accounting, group sales, insertion of new information fields and new functions;
  • Analysis of solutions that are available, among a library of more than 250;
  • Timing and its importance, when it is necessary to understand how it was built;
  • building 2 maps in less than 1 hour.


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PHC XL webinar unravels the mysteries of this financial management tool

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