Webinar shows you the great advantages of the new PHC XL product


Webinar shows you the great advantages of the new PHC XL product

Day 25 October from 10:00 am to 11:00 am PHC will show you the latest and simplest way to manage the financial area of your company and everything will happen without leaving your seat, free of charge, without disturbing your schedule and all your doubts will be taken away by a expert em PHC XL.


A Samsys Academy presents yet another completely free training, of a demonstrative and informative nature, this time on a topic of particular interest to those responsible for the financial area, as their work will be facilitated and more organized.

For this training we invited Tiago Vilela, product specialist da PHC, who will deliver this training from Samsys premises.


PHC CS XL desktop with is the Microsoft Excel link to the PHC CS Financial Solution. This module transforms a simple spreadsheet into a powerful Financial Reporting, which produces various maps, analyzes and reports. 

The desktop version was designed to be easy, fast and intuitive, in order to simplify this work. Thus, it appears interrelated with one of the most used programs in the world: Excel. One of the biggest advantages is that you can create maps fully adapted to your company, in the simplest way you can imagine, making it practical to execute the financial report!

It is called by "Webinar – Great advantages of PHC XL“, consists in explaining the added value that it translates into for companies, at a financial level. It takes place via Skype, so that everyone can watch without having the barrier of distance.


The team PHC from Samsys explains to you and can make more digital this application.

Who is it for?

Professionals in the Financial Area from all types of sectors of activity.


This training takes place on the day 25 October and 10 am to 11 am.

How can I sign up?

Just fill in the form below.


User Testimonial:

“The PHC CS XL desktop has allowed our accountants to have access to all accounting information and to be able to shape it in their own way, in order to build maps and analyses, with the intended objectives for each company project, without transcribing everything by hand. as it used to be.”

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Webinar shows you the great advantages of the new PHC XL product

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