Wintouch helps your Business to Win | Workshops, Hospitality and Clinics

December 6, 2017

Wintouch helps your Business to Win | Workshops, Hospitality and Clinics

Samsys' partnership with wintouch started in 2003, with the objective of Samsys increasing the range of solutions for its customers. The evolution of this relationship is also related to the fact that these partners are increasingly presenting very competitive solutions in the face of market demands.

Partnership Evolution

If initially Wintouch did not have Management Software complete for workshops, hotels and clinics, today these are some of the areas in which it stands out the most.

This innovation factor, combined with the good price-quality ratio and the simplification of operation, created new market perspectives, including for Samsys.

Samsys Specialization

At Samsys, in 14 years, hundreds of Wintouch interventions were carried out, which contributed to the Consultants acquiring not only know-how, as well as experience in the market that allows today to identify the real needs of the market. In addition, we acquired several certifications that allowed us to specialize, namely Wintouch Cloud Commercial, Recycling, Clinics, Cloud Sales Posts, Restaurants, Hotels and Commercials.

We now explain better what the Wintouch solutions consist of for 3 focus areas mentioned:

  1. workshops,
  2. Hospitality,
  3. clinics.


Make your Business Win with Wintouch

Wintouch Workshops

Who is it for?

Any small and medium sized workshop.

Main advantages

O Wintouch Workshops allows the absolute recording of the entire repair history within your workshop. Control the vehicles you have in your workshop and/or the repairs these vehicles need.

This module allows you not only to calculate inspection date of a particular vehicle, as well as consult the list of vehicles that have to be serviced on the day you are. 

Other great advantages are the easy interaction that the program allows via SMS with its customers, the possibility of managing and organizing their agenda.


Wintouch Hospitality

Who is it for?

National SMEs, such as Hotels, Inns, Inns, Hostels and Residences.

Main advantages

Possibility of obtaining information about rooms easily and at any time, which helps to speed up day-to-day tasks. 

 management Wintouch Hospitality helps you get organized through maps and room management panels. 

The main added value that highlights this solution is that it is interconnected with the Booking . The fact that this Keeping up with market trends makes bookings made through Booking easy and intuitively managed.


Wintouch Clinics

Who is it for?

Aimed at National SMEs, namely Offices, Medical and Hospital Clinics (Management and Medical Information System).

Areas included: General Practice, Cardiology, Dermatology, Gynecology/Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Otorhinolaryngology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Urology, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Aesthetics/Nutrition, Pedology, Pediatrics, Examination Centers and Hospitalization.

Main advantages

With Wintouch Clinics is now equipped with a tool that organizes the daily routines of your clinic (appointments, consultations, dossier of the patient) is that eliminates the possibility of errors sending invoices to the various entities.


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Wintouch helps your Business to Win | Workshops, Hospitality and Clinics

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