Workshop - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Workshop - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We have previously explained to you what the new General Data Protection Regulation and how you can protect yourself from hefty fines, through an article and e-book. It's time to clear all your doubts! We invite you to participate free of charge to the Workshop on the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) day 21 November in Porto (SOLD OUT) and 23 November in Lisbon. And because we want no one to be left out, count on a second edition in 2018, SUBSCRIBE NOW for the session of Porto, day February 21!

We are less than half a year away from starting to apply fines to those who do not comply with legal duties in this regard.

General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

To prepare properly, you will need to do some planning before May of 2018, if you want to protect your business from harm that could harm you.

Thinking about our customers and because we have all the tools you may need, we will provide two clarification sessions on this subject that is on the agenda.

We will have a session in the morning of the day November 21 (Sold out), at our facilities in Ermesinde, the next morning 23 November, in our branch of Lisbon, in Lispolis and the next edition will be on the February 21rd, 2018, again in Ermesinde.

These Workshops on GDPR will feature a special participation by a specialist lawyer in this matter, Daniel Alves da Cunha, from AdC Lawyers.

It will be addressed, in a practical way, how your company can be affected and how the new legislation can impact your business. All doubts that may arise in this area will be resolved, with the close and usual dynamic of the Workshops of Samsys Academy

We have a team of experienced consultants capable of presenting you with the best management and protection solutions, within the most varied prices and modalities, depending on your needs.

Get access to a document explaining the changes that have taken place, how you can protect yourself and what solutions are available on the market. 

Whorkshop GDPR

Who is it for?

CEOs from all types of sectors of activity and IT managers.


When? Where?

At Samsys facilities, in Porto and Lisbon.

Oporto21 Nov. 2017 (SOLD OFF) | 21 feb. 2018 (morning)

Lisbon23 nov. 2017 (morning)

GDPR Workshop Program

09:00 - Welcome

09:15 – The Regulation from a legal perspective

10:15 – The importance of knowing the information (Solution: Endpoint Protector)

10: 45 - Coffee Break

11:15 – Advanced protection of endpoints (Solution: Adaptive Defense)

11:45 – The importance of backup information (Solution: Shadow Protect)

12:15 – The need for perimeter protection (Solution: Watchguard)

12: 45 - Closing


Some questions that will be clarified

1. What is the General Data Protection Regulation?
2. Who is covered by the GDPR?
3. Why is the GDPR alarming those who store personal data?
4. What is meant by personal information?
5. What measures should be implemented?
6. What changes with the GDPR?
7. How to get started? What are the first steps?
8. How to reduce exposure to risk?
9. What exactly will happen if you do not comply with the Regulations by May 2018?


How can I sign up?

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Participation in the GDPR Workshop is entirely free of charge.


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Workshop - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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