Assistsys- Technical Assistance Platform

It still documents the
Paper Technical Assistance?


Technical Assistance on sheets of paper?
Scan with Assistsys.
Need to know in detail assistance costs, profitability of your services? Do you need to know the assistance history of a piece of equipment? Share with your customer photos of how the equipment was?
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Get to know assistsys

Make it easy for professionals to work in the field and between shifts.

Integration with ERP platforms

Connect the Assistsys application to your Company's Management software.
(WinTouch, Sage, PHC)

Time and Parts Registration

Find out in detail the time and parts used in each technical assistance.

Intervention Report

During interventions, add images and videos to the service log for greater control and visualization.

Mobile ready

Allows the use of the application via mobile phone or tablet so that paper is no longer necessary.

Assertive billing

Ensure, with the digitization of the process, that assistance is correctly billed.

Minimize the Error

Simplify your technician's life, so that he can focus on what really matters, by helping with the immediate and simplified completion of the intervention.

Integration with the main Management Software

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Assistsys in detail
The Technical Assistance Software that will make your technicians' day-to-day work easier.
time recording
You can record the time used for each assistance and the total time to be charged for labor.
parts register
By having a completely personalized parts register, Assistsys will lighten the workload and provide faster and more personalized customer service.
Photos and Videos associated with assistance
You can save the images and videos you capture during the service, in order to keep an efficient record that will allow you to offer a more personalized service in the future.
Management of users, parts, equipment
By keeping a record of all sectors of the company, work will become more agile and manageable, contributing to customer satisfaction due to the attention and efficiency in service.
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Assistsys aims to simplify your day-to-day tasks and digitize your company's processes.
Assistsys - Technical Assistance Platform

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