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Assistência e Suporte

Assistance and Support

In these Departments we develop actions that promote good practices of assistance and support, transmitting the advice and information necessary for the client to get the most out of their equipment. When they need assistance or repairs, the Technical Team ensures their perfect functioning or, in more serious cases, advises the most appropriate equipment on the market for the purpose in question.

Serviços de Comunicação


The Communication group produces internal and external content. We support and manage the communication and image of companies, such as in social networks, SEO tasks, press services, email marketing and video marketing.

Desenvolvimento Web


The Development and Programming Team responds to the needs in the area of Technologies and Information Systems of Samsys and customers.


The efficiency of a business is only half of the equation. It is crucial to optimize and speed all systems and procedures among the different business’ departments.
With all this movement around the world, the speed of information is key in defining strategies as well as in taking actions.



A team dedicated to the support and monitoring of the implementations and solutions made available by Samsys, readiness and effective support available to serve you.



We offer solutions that strengthen the management operations of your company: from the simplest and most economical solution (for small business owners) to the complete management of all the business processes of a large company.

engenharia de sistemas

Systems Engineering

The group of Systems Engineering represents the infrastructure, such as servers, networks, switching, backup systems (business continuity systems), uninterruptible power supply systems, video surveillance systems and all the software to explore the hardware component.

Equipa Samsys


Meet our most innovative service, provided by all our consultants.

Departamentos Administrativo e Financeiro


In addition to these areas, there are other departments that provide essential support for Samsys to function properly, such as the Administrative and Financial Team, the Commercial Team and the Logistics Team.