Coaching 4.0 – Support for Business Models for Digital Transition

February 2, 2024

Coaching 4.0 – Support for Business Models for Digital Transition

Coaching 4.0 – In the current business landscape, digitalization is more than a competitive advantage – it is a necessity. Coaching 4.0, an initiative promoted by Portugal Digital Mission Structure and by IAPMEI, presents a unique opportunity for Portuguese SMEs to increase their digital maturity. Samsys, through its experienced comunication agency, positions itself as the ideal partner to help your company with digital transformation.

Caoching 4.0 Modern Craftsman Managing Small Business

Eligible expenses and How Can Samsys Help Your Company?

  • Social media management and advertising management;
  • Digital marketing plan;
  • Website/online store construction;
  • Content creation and SEO optimization;
  • Email Marketing and Automation;
  • Digital Maturity consultancy and development;
  • Acquisition of new software for internal implementation;
  • Brand development and digital maturity;
  • Development of new features.

Financing fee

  • In projects up to €10.000, support is 75% from Fundo Perdido
  • Company Share 25%
  • Minimum and maximum investment amount of €10.000

Why Choose Samsys?

Samsys not only offers the technical know-how necessary to elevate your company's digital presence, it also guarantees a personalized support in the application process for the Coaching 4.0 project. With a team of experts in different areas of digital, samsys ensures an integrated and strategic approach, maximizing your chances of success and financing.

Be Part of the Digital Revolution

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your business with the support of Coaching 4.0. Contact us for a free initial consultation and take the first step towards innovation and sustainable growth.

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Coaching 4.0 – Support for Business Models for Digital Transition

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