Samsys reinvents itself, expands activity and grows every year

March 25, 2024

Samsys reinvents itself, expands activity and grows every year

Article in Business Portugal Magazine

Business Portugal Magazine spoke to Samuel Soares, CEO of Samsys, who in an interview shared insights sobre or company universe and strategic vision which has allowed us to achieve a solid growth and sustained, as well as standing out in the national business panorama.

Text: Editorial staff «Business Portugal Magazine» 

The Samsys

Samsys, a leading company in the Information and Communication Technologies sector, headquartered in the Porto district, has as its primary mission to boost the efficiency and productivity of its customers, through study, development and implementation continuous from customized solutions.

It operates in several areas, from Management consulting, systems engineering, Digital Agency (which integrates the departments of Communication, Marketing, Web Development e Digital) to Assistance
e Technical support.

Having been in the market for 27 years, Samuel Soares says that «It has been a very good journey, with some defeats and many victories» and obviously over time, they went through some
challenges, having to reinvent itself, with constant evolution, adapting to challenges and technological innovations.

The company, aware of its position in a highly competitive global market, sees this reality as an opportunity for evolution and continuous improvement. They have a presence throughout mainland Portugal
and islands, with its largest customer network located in the north of Portugal. Samsys has gradually expanded its international presence, with projects in several European countries, as well as on other continents.

Highlighting the commitment to quality and excellence, Samsys has maintained ISO9001:2015 certification since 2020. This requirement is not common in the market in which Samsys operates, but it demonstrates the company's constant search for continuous improvement and dedication to offering the best service to its customers.

The driving force behind Samsys is its team, led by Samuel and Ruben Soares, who work together to ensure the emotional, family and economic stability of employees. They firmly believe that this collaborative approach has driven the company to new levels of success, aligning the interests of the entire team, customers and partners.

In short, Samsys is more than a technology company, it is a innovation symbol, commitment to quality e teamwork, determined to continue leading the way in a constantly evolving market.

Recognition and notoriety

In 2017, Samsys began participating in the prestigious study of Best Companies to Work For, where good management practices and team happiness in relation to work are investigated
work and the conditions that the company provides. In the following two years, he reinforced his recognition by achieving the second place in the Corporate Happiness Study (Happiness Works).
Since 2019, they have stood out among the 50 Best Companies to Work for in Portugal, and in 2021, they reached the TOP 25.

Since 2018, Samsys has stood out in the Excellence Index, the most complete study on good management and human resources practices in national companies. This year, they won the 1st place in the Consulting and Professional Services sector, in addition to 2nd place among Medium Companies. This recognition is deeply gratifying for Samuel Soares, who sees these distinctions as a reward for joint team effort over the years.

Samsys - Commitment

For the CEO of Samsys, these achievements reflect the Samsys' continued commitment to quality and the well-being of your team, and the happiness of his helpers is fundamental, as he himself says «companies are their people». Therefore, Samsys works daily on «women empowerment» of its employees, arguing that a The company only becomes truly good with happy, valued and recognized people.

This focus on appreciation and well-being of employees not only strengthens Samsys' organizational culture, but is also reflected in the excellence of services provided to customers and partners, elevating the business to a level of excellence.

A new milestone in the Samsys journey

Samsys began 2024 with the acquisition of Wisdom GROUP, as part of its growth strategy. This acquisition aims to strengthen the company's teams in the areas of Information Technologies, Software Management, Development Web and Digital Agency, in addition to adding Translation and Subtitling services.

This initiative seeks to enhance the business innovation e develop faster responses and effective to your customers' needs.

This may not be the only acquisition of the year, as Samsys «is always on the lookout for new opportunities».

Vision and strategy

Samuel Soares ensures that the company will continue to follow the path that has distinguished it: being a partner attentive to customer needs and adapt solutions in a personalized way. The core of the business is consulting, where the mission is clear: assist customers and partners on the path to digital transformation, automating repetitive and exhausting tasks to make time and human resources available for more creative and strategic activities, allowing people to have more time to «do what only humans can do».

Innovation is a fundamental part of this journey, as Samuel highlights: «In a digital world in constant evolution, Innovation is crucial to maintain competitiveness and keep pace with the market». This spirit of innovation fuels Samsys' commitment to the future, driving a motivated team in a constantly growing sector.

Looking to the horizon, Samsys plans to expand and transform its current team into several autonomous business units, in order to expand your specialization and reach.

In addition to business success, Samsys values sustainability process and social responsability, integrating sustainable practices in all areas of the company and promoting initiatives in the community where it operates. One of the most anticipated events over the years is the knowledge day, organized by Samsys Academy.

This year, count bring together around 3000 people again in what is considered the largest free training initiative available at national level. In keeping with the Samsys theme for this year, «COMMITMENT", you eight top speakers already announced, will develop this theme, promising to inspire and motivate all participants.

Scheduled for the next day June 7th, at the Multiusos pavilion in Gondomar: knowledge day It's a unique opportunity to learn and connect with the best. More information here.

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Samsys reinvents itself, expands activity and grows every year

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