Samsys: A team committed to success

January 16, 2024

Samsys: A team committed to success

Article in Human Magazine – Human Resources and Management

Almost three decades after its founding, Samsys continues on its path of success, highlighting its mission to boost customer efficiency and productivity through the study, development and constant implementation of personalized solutions, with teams of experts.

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The Samsys

With almost three decades of activity in information and communication technologies (ICT) in Porto, samsys has followed «a path of several successes that has transformed it into a certified consultant, committed to providing excellent technological solutions», points out Samuel Soares, founder of the company with his brother Ruben Soares, the two being co-chief executive officers (co-CEOs ). The person responsible highlights the mission of «boosting customer efficiency and productivity through the study, development and constant implementation of personalized solutions, with teams of specialists in management consulting, systems engineering, digital agency (covering communication, marketing, development web and digital) and assistance and support, prepared to face complex challenges and present truly innovative solutions».

The Samsys Commitment

Quality is the core of the consultancy, highlights Ruben Soares, noting: «We are committed to offering cutting-edge technological solutions, adapted to the needs and expectations of clients. We invest in research and development, always keeping up to date with the latest trends and technological advances.” More: «At Samsys, we attach great importance to sustainability and social responsibility. We firmly believe that business success must coexist with respect for the environment and the community. Therefore, we implement sustainable practices in different sectors of the company and promote social responsibility initiatives, with the aim of contributing positively to society. This year, we had the honor of bringing together approximately three thousand people in our biggest social responsibility initiative, under the umbrella of the Samsys Academy: the DDC – Knowledge Day. A day full of free motivational sharing, with the participation of six top speakers who left an inspiring mark on everyone present.”

At Samsys we seek to «build a place where each employee not only contributes, but evolves and takes part», highlights Samuel Soares, one of the co-CEOs, who leads the consultancy with his brother Ruben Soares.

Samsys has been experiencing business growth, which is reflected in the increase in the number of employees. It has a team of approximately 70 employees in Portugal, «whose commitment has been fundamental to its success in the national territory», notes Samuel Soares. Internationally, they continue to take some steps with visits and participation in international fairs. This expansion will be reinforced with the action of the strategic plan for next year, not only to strengthen the global presence but also to enrich the company with new perspectives and exciting experiences for all its people. Samuel Soares also states that along this path they have welcomed clients from the north to the south of the country, consolidating «a robust presence at national level». The post-Covid period boosted growth, marked by the hiring of people from various regions of the country and the integration of strategic partnerships. «This expansion was facilitated by the adoption of innovations at a general business level, namely investment in remote working tools, making overcoming challenges more accessible», explains the person in charge.

Inspiring trajectory

When looking at Samsys' human resources practices in recent years, Ruben Soares sees «an inspiring trajectory in adapting a work environment capable of recreating itself and responding to the needs and expectations of employees and the market in general». This evolution, he says, «demonstrates the resilience, commitment and motivation that leadership seeks and values ​​– an environment of happiness in the employee and the team». It also speaks of “a flexible approach, evident in policies such as remote work and adaptable schedules”, which “is not just a change in procedure, it is an intentional effort to honor the diversity of lifestyles and work preferences”.

At Samsys, «the continuous commitment to personal development is not just a strategy, but an individual investment that provides the opportunity for growth and evolution, because the success of the team is the sum of the individual success of each Samsys helper», explains Samuel Soares , highlighting a very special concept in the consultancy, that of a helper, that is, each of the collaborators. And he adds: «Diversity and inclusion values ​​help us build an innovative, differentiating team that enriches our environment and the projects we present. Furthermore, our commitment to mental health and emotional well-being is not just a response to modern pressure, which is why we already have the help of an entity capable of responding to this type of care. It is part of the company's values, with a focus on leadership, to be attentive and in challenging moments to support each other.”

The person responsible sees Samsys' trajectory as «more than positive», he sees it as «inspiring». And he comments: “We are not just responding to changes; We are leading with the vision of a work environment where happiness and success go hand in hand. Our evolution in human recruitment practices is an affirmation of our commitment to a team and to each person who is not only efficient, but truly happy and fulfilled. We seek to build a place where each employee not only contributes, but evolves and takes part.”

Still in the best practices linked to people management, Ruben Soares returns to the issue of mental health, which «has been in place for some time now», he says, noting that they still feel the need to increase the number of support sessions per employee and include the topic more prominently in the strategic plan for next year, with internal training, aiming to maintain a healthy and conscious work environment. He then talks about another aspect that they identified as crucial: «It has to do with demonstrating our appreciation to those who pass through Samsys in internship and selection processes. For interns, we developed a comprehensive welcome kit, which includes a motivational phrase on each piece of equipment. Additionally, we implemented a new flowchart of procedures that culminates in the delivery of a SAMSYS GOLD Diploma at the end of the internship, providing an enriching experience and recognizing the dedicated effort.”

In terms of hiring, the importance given to interviews was intensified, making the process more relaxed and welcoming. Ruben Soares details: «We implemented a final monitoring and evaluation procedure, ensuring a more comprehensive analysis in relation to the talent selection and recruitment process. This approach aims not only to attract qualified professionals but also to ensure that the work environment is inclusive and conducive to individual development.”

In conclusion, the person in charge shares: «We are confident that these initiatives will contribute to strengthening the well-being of employees, creating a more positive organizational culture and attracting and retaining the best talents for Samsys. We are committed to continually evolving our practices and policies to ensure a healthy and rewarding work environment for everyone.”

Samsys - Commitment

DDC Samsys 2024

O DDC – Knowledge Day, organized by Samsys, is a nationally notable event, open to society, and is the largest free meeting for personal and professional development in our country. It began in 2012 and inspired the creation of the Samsys Academy, which promotes social responsibility initiatives.

With sponsorships that guarantee a diverse networking environment, this event aims to provide a day full of talks, good energy, knowledge sharing and inspiring experiences. Furthermore, it creates business opportunities through partnerships that strengthen the business community.

Registration for DDC Samsys 2024 is available for in-person participation, with places limited to three thousand places, whereas there are no registration limits for online participation. Samsys invites companies to become official partners, taking advantage of special conditions when joining in 2023, thus allowing their businesses to be linked to a nationally renowned event and increase their visibility, establish contacts with thousands of entrepreneurs, promote products and services and explore new business opportunities during more than eight hours of networking.

The DDC Samsys 2024 was scheduled for June 7th, at the Pavilhão Multiusos de Gondomar. More info here.

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Samsys: A team committed to success

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