Case Study | A Cohesive and Successful Partnership With IRVA

December 12, 2017

Case Study | A Cohesive and Successful Partnership With IRVA

The client company whose case study we share with you in this article is VAT, who arrived at Samsys through a consultant who knew the reality of the company and who presented a suggestion for improvement as soon as he realized that there was room for improvement.


The customer had a PHC solution and intended to make better use of this tool. The need arises to expand the solution to the shop floor and logistical control.

After a first analysis of requirements, we considered it necessary to carry out a functional survey, given the specificity of the two processes mentioned above, this being a starting point, in 2016, for the partnership with this company.


Area of ​​Operation of the Irmãos Valentes Company

VAT Since its foundation in 1979, IRVA – brave brothers, Lda., has evolved in a strategic way, being currently its specialty working with stainless steel, duplex steel, super duplex, carbon steel and special steels. IRVA builds machines, equipment, components and accessories and performs industrial assemblies, in a global or partial way. It makes installations for the food, beverage, cellulose, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and manufacturing industries.

Challenge for Samsys

IRVA's business growth and customer demand culminated in urgency to obtain real-time data from projects in production. It was to fulfill this need that the partnership with Samsys emerged, where we were able, through the functional survey, to demonstrate that we are a partner capable of creating an ideal solution that helps to grow.

The challenge for Samsys was digitize logistics and shop floor processes, in order to be able to respond, in real time, to the status of projects in production.


O logistic process was ambitious, due to the need to control stock in two units, kilos and units. To respond to this need, we used the Apsys Logistics, a mobility application online, which does not involve data integration, for facilitate the management of warehouse processes, with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, having been adapted to the specificities identified.

O process of shop floor aimed to maintain good practices and existing simplicity in the manual process. With its digitalization, it allows to obtain, in real time, the consumption and production times. The base was used Apsys Shop Floor, which consists of an application for production kiosks, without data integration, with an equally practical interface, which was duly adapted to the company. 

Our contribution – customized PHC solution

Currently, by obtaining information in real time, it is possible to monitor projects in production and respond more efficiently to the needs of this company's customers. Process optimization logistic made possible a better efficiency in stock management, which leads to cost savings. On the other hand, simplifying the process of shop floor lets you know, at the time, consumption costs and production times, which makes the company more profitable for its business.


Company Testimony IRVA 

“We are very satisfied with Samsys. It is a very credible company and the employees are duly qualified. The solution implemented, so far, was precisely what was intended.”

Margarida Valente, CEO of IRVA

Main Responsible Team

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The Samsys way of acting

It is essential for our company to receive feedback positive about the usefulness and success of the solutions we implement. More important than finding the solution that we consider most convenient for the situation of the company in question, it is important to understand the impact it had and how it contributed to the evolution of the business.

Our mission is to help companies grow and that's why we dedicate so much attention to each intervention we do. It is with this attitude and commitment that we earn the trust of our partners.

We transmit this and other positive experiences with the aim of replicating successful cases, such as this one from Irmãos Valentes.


Together we go further

The success of the implementation of our solutions is inseparable from the success of Samsys customers, insofar as we all really benefit from the implementation of practical solutions that meet the needs of companies and make them evolve.

We are grateful to IRVA for the opportunity to grow a company we have enjoyed working with so much. Together we will always go further.


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Case Study | A Cohesive and Successful Partnership With IRVA

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