Content and Speed ​​are the best SEO for your website

August 6, 2019

Content and Speed ​​are the best SEO for your website

We usually use the Internet to Search for something (content) and we want to quickly get to this something that we are research (speed). In this way, independently of all the other techniques that you may have already seen in different articles, content and speed are the best SEO your website may have.

We will explain why in a moment, but on the specific question of your website and if the same is in WordPress (like 34% of the entire internet) so know that if your website you are using PHP version 5.x (for example 5.6 which came out in 2014 or 5.2 which came out in 2006) can improve the performance very significantly (2x to 3x depending on the type of measurement used) even changing “simply” to version 7.xx (7.3 November 2018).

If it seems like a very technical thing to do then talk to us.

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Why do we say that Content and Speed ​​are the best SEO for your business? website?


It is true that if our website doesn't have what we're looking for (content) then it's irrelevant to us (as users) whether it's fast or not – we address that below.

However, assuming that this content is actually available, one of the factors that weighs the most in terms of SEO is even the performance Site.

And as always, when we think about optimization of websites, we have to think about optimization not only for the people who will see it, but also for the search engines that will index it.

speed of your website For people

If we think about people who are accessing your website, we just have to think in what we typically do ourselves when a website it takes some time to open. Either we close the window or we move on to another website, that is, your website is no longer the user's top priority.
But what is taking too long? An article from 2018 mentioned that we websites of the retail area, each additional second of waiting represents a 20% reduction in the conversion rate.
And you certainly don't usually wait more than 5 to 10 seconds to open a website, who do not know or who do not know if it responds to their needs.
In other words, in a simple approach to provide your user with the best user experience, having a website fast is good.

Speed ​​for search engines

In addition, Google has mentioned many times that site speed is one of the factors considered to define the page-rank from your page, negatively impacting the websites that load slower.
Furthermore if your website is fast then search engines will be able to come back more often to re-index your site.

How to improve your speed website

Working at a speed website depends on many things:

  • Image size;
  • Construction of the page itself (loads everything at once, loads only what you need);
  • Server;
  • PHP version;
  • (...)

All of them imply work on the part of those who manage the websites, whether implementing improvements or finding the partner that has the skills to implement them.

If we have a limited budget and want a quick fix so changing PHP version from 5.x to 7.x might be a good way to go.

This change makes it possible to take advantage of a set of improvements that have been implemented and that have proved to be very advantageous in terms of performance, where there are increases, for example, in the number of simultaneous pages that can be executed, in the number of simultaneous accesses to the database, among others. Being that all these increments of performance are on the order of 200% to 300%.

Furthermore, it allows us to access improvements in terms of security that are essential in an environment of continuous evolution where security threats are also constant.

It is important to take into account that, like any change, this one may need some tweaking.. In the case of a website em WordPress, if any of plugins or if the theme you are using is incompatible with this new version of PHP then it is highly recommended to review these plugins or theme so that we can keep the website updated.

If you have difficulties in this process, and considering that developing websites in WordPress is something Samsys has been doing for a long time (2012), contact us. Regardless of whether you already work with us or not, we will be happy to help you with this transition..


Content is what the people you want to attract to your website are looking. compressors are sold so these people may be maintenance technicians for industrial companies. If they are public entities that want to promote social innovation so maybe they are social innovators. Children's clothes are sold so maybe they are new parents.

Regardless of what you do, there is always a set of people you want to reach, your target audience..

It could be for ahard sell” – simply sell the product, or it could be for something more long term like “brand awareness“. There is one certainty: if I reach your website and the content I'm looking for isn't there, so the investment in the website. Furthermore, it is based on this content that search engines index your website. If it doesn't have content... well, it's not indexed...

If you have content that only represents a part of your business then, for search engines, your website it's just about that area of ​​business.

And let's not forget that the biggest search engine today has 20 years of learning included in your algorithm, whereby it's not worth thinking about too far-fetched solutions when you can limit yourself to investing in what you master, and that is describing your business.

But as not all of us are given to writing or photographic or video production, if you need help producing content we can also help with the services of our communication team.

Content and Velocity – design and development

This mix between content and speed, design and development, image and engineering is one of the points that makes websites such a dynamic, innovative and creative environment.

Achieving these different skills in the same project is something that can be achieved by hiring different companies or freelancers and coordinating their work or talking to companies like Samsys that include these skills in-house.

The important thing is to ensure that you form a team between you, who is the person who knows your business best, and the other teams that will work to make it go even further and to more people.

“Improve my website”

It will be music to your ears.


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Content and Speed ​​are the best SEO for your website

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