Happiness Works: Samsys is the second happiest company

August 15, 2018

Happiness Works: Samsys is the second happiest company

O 2018 Happiness Works study concludes that the happiness level of employees in Portugal remains stable compared to previous years.

Samsys, born in 1997, in Porto, is the second happiest company in the Happiness Works study. Founded by Samuel Soares, the consultancy specializes in the Information and Communication Technologies sector and also has a delegation in Lisbon. Today, its team is made up of 55 employees, of which around 35% have higher education – and it has not closed the door to new hires. Recruiting has been a recurring mission at the company since 2017.

According to the general director, Samuel Soares, when the company was born, 21 years ago, communication was done in the B2C sense (business-to-consumer) and the work was directed solely towards the commercialization of IT solutions. But, shortly after, Samsys transformed this business bet and became a B2B company (business-to-business) “with a clear and growing ambition to guarantee more and more services”, says the official.

With this commitment, Samsys has become self-sufficient, which has reduced the number of external companies it uses to guarantee certain services. Over the years, he has specialized in the areas of management consulting, systems engineering, communication, development and assistance and support. Samuel Soares underlines that there was a need to adapt to the market, giving priority to the relationship with customers, something that naturally generates trust and loyalty.


Samsys: all fighting for the same goal

There are several factors that make Samsys employees happy and more productive, but what most contributes to this is involvement. It is Samuel Soares, who recognizes him: “Loving what we do is fundamental, identifying ourselves with the company's values ​​as well, but being in tune and working in a good environment, fighting for the same objective is what is directing us to where we want to go. to arrive. We believe that a good environment has a direct positive impact on motivation and productivity. Of course, there are days when it is more difficult for us to get out of bed or when even the weather can influence our mood, but the greater force around us is positive, and this has an invigorating effect”.

Apply for the ranking of Happiness Works it was an immediate decision soon after they became aware of this initiative. This is because there is “awareness that the spirit we live at Samsys is uncommon to find in other companies and because we believe that this good energy and union contribute daily to our success”, he says.

Bresimar Automação, Samsys and Hilti Portugal complete the top 3 of the happiest in Portugal in 2018.


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Happiness Works: Samsys is the second happiest company

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