Unmaze CRM Online Integration and Invoicing Software

August 12, 2019

Unmaze CRM Online Integration and Invoicing Software

Unmaze CRM complements the Invoicing Software

Because together we are stronger and capable of presenting better solutions, we have partnered with unmaze Online CRM. The objective is simple: Optimize the time of the commercial teams and ease of access to the back office.

We cannot deny. It is our strength and what sets us apart. The dedication of our integration experts management for SMEs.

There are several solutions we have for different types of business, from the real Portuguese tavern to Michelin-starred restaurants.

The integration of information systems part of our work at Samsys, we even share this know-how with university students (see article “Participation in integrated systems class“), so new challenges arise every day.

Usefulness of Unmaze

The main functionality of unmaze involves centralizing customer information online, which contributes to the productivity of the commercial teams, as it reduces the number of phone calls to the back office and avoids manual registration of orders in the invoicing system.

Unmaze CRM

Companies that use CRM generate more value

In companies that use management, it becomes simpler to perform tasks such as:

  • Place/launch orders online,
  • Check products/services sold and at what price,
  • Check the date of the last order,
  • Consult amounts owed,
  • Among other advantages.

Thus, customer follow-up is carried out with greater rigor and professionalism, namely with regard to the sales funnel, that is, conversions that translate into real business. It is a representation of the stages that a potential customer goes through, from the first contact with the company to the closing of the sale.


In a simple and quick analysis interface, you will be able to easily understand the status of your company's various business opportunities.

All this online and accessible anywhere and anytime.

Benefit today from the integration of Unmaze CRM. Get more information without any kind of commitment.

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Unmaze CRM Online Integration and Invoicing Software

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