It is now possible for us to do “On-the-Spot Business” with you

December 13, 2017

It is now possible for us to do “On-the-Spot Business” with you

You've just launched your business and haven't tried to get one yet. computer system to be able to start billing? Samsys presents you with a solution that solves this issue: the On-Time Business Solution. That's right, at the time it is resolved and the low cost!

Simple, hassle-free, fast and with minimal investment.

We clarify everything so that you do not have any hesitations when making the decision.

business on time

Who is it for?

This solution is essentially aimed at Micro and Small Enterprises. They include, for example:

  • cafes/bars,
  • Pastry shops/tea rooms,
  • Breweries/taverns,
  • mini markets,
  • Repair places for goods for personal/domestic and professional use,
  • Companies that provide administrative and business support services,
  • Sporting, entertainment and recreational activities,
  • Hairdressers, barbers, beauty centers/SPAs,
  • Other beauty spots,
  • Among many others.


The “On-the-Spot Business” Solution 

We present a solution turnkey, able to be presented and implemented on time

We know that often, when starting a small business, the task of finding an IT management solution is always left to the last minute.

New entrepreneurs will not have to worry, as they will have a ready-to-implement solution, because when we head to the premises of the new business, we are already prepared with all the tools and documents necessary to formalize the investment.

Thus, you now have the possibility of moving forward at that moment, keeping the POS installed, defining what you want, with a ready-to-use solution, on the spot.


The big advantages

  • Easy to use – practical, intuitive computer system that already includes some basic parameterized products, listed in the software, transversal to companies in their sector of activity.
  • plain language – we make a point of explaining how you can make the best use of this system, without using complicated technical terms.
  • fast to implement – the solution is ready to be installed on the day of the first contact.
  • Hassle free – we present the conditions and values ​​underlying the desired solution and we are prepared to move forward, if you wish to do so at the moment, shortening the process.
  • Affordable price – the investment is minimal, extremely competitive.
  • No upfront implementation cost – There is no implementation service. The solution is ready to deliver. 
  • It's always up to date – the software will be regularly updated, with the guarantee of compliance with the legal obligations in force.

 Offer and Value for Money

It is a turnkey solution, with 2 types of base solution: XD and SAGE. 

In short, we have a basic, ready-to-use IT solution that can represent a monthly cost up to 32€/month, which already includes the contract value of the software and services.


If you would like to request further clarification or a visit to your establishment, please contact us or fill in the following form:

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It is now possible for us to do “On-the-Spot Business” with you

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