Another achievement: Samsys in the Top 5 SME Excellence Index

March 6, 2019

Another achievement: Samsys in the Top 5 SME Excellence Index

The awards and recognitions given to Samsys keep coming! After being included in 2018 in the list of 100 Best Companies to Work for in Portugal, it's time for Samsys to be present at the Top 5 National Excellence Index, in the Medium Enterprises category.

Growing in the Excellence Index

Excellence Index

We see daily that our talents give importance not only to the conditions and benefits we provide, both on a day-to-day basis, but also at the end of the month, monthly meeting or at annual meeting, as well as the good practices we adopt and defend that promote a healthy lifestyle.

We are based in Ermesinde, in facilities with 720 m2 and we have a growing team, with 59 employees. (See the several open positions).

For Samsys Management, the focus is on contribute to the happiness of each employee, as a human being who is constantly going through a process of growth and learning.

As a consulting company specialized in the Information and Communication Technologies sector, the numbers and achievements show a remarkable evolution, especially at the time when the company took the leap, in 2012, as we shared with you in November 2018, when SME Heroes distinction.

People Management

“We continue to invest, more and more, in the individual training of each employee”.

In relation to People Management, at Samsys we continue to invest, more and more, in the individual training of each employee and in internal communication tools - both for collecting opinions and for the status of specific subjects, as well as by teams, among others. other formats, such as external communication tools – platforms with news, social networks, newsletters and newsflash.

Sharing the mission, vision and values

“We care to see our culture reflected, not only in the work environment, but also outside of it”.

At Samsys we define several moments for our mission, vision and values be shared by everyone. We are concerned and feel that it is our duty to communicate the values ​​by which we are governed to the talents that make up our team. To this end, it is in the monthly and annual meetings that we focus more on this point, which is worked on in the “Company Culture” tab, where we frame the daily actions of the team and the strategic plan.

We care to see our culture reflected not only in the work environment, but also outside of it and That's why it's so important that people embody our culture and identify with it.

Commitment to innovation, training and events

“We frequently invest in training, training events and presence at other events, such as exhibitions, fairs and conventions, around the world”.


In our daily lives, the development of investigation processes, within the scope of innovation, is a constant. It is a requirement of the technological sector, insofar as our own customers often ask us for solutions that do not exist on the market or that are not yet developed and this requires a lot of research, development and creative process work, so that we can respond to your needs. To this extent, we develop our own product.

We also frequently invest in formation, training events and presence in other events, such as exhibitions, fairs and conventions, all over the world, which allow us to open horizons, expand knowledge and provide ideas and inspiration to innovate in internal processes, to create our own solutions and to detect innovation opportunities of the products. It is important that we are even in other countries, to know how the international market is doing. We argue that this methodology enhances the creativity process and that is why in 2019 we are making a big bet on internationalization and investment in international events.

united team

SME Excellence Index

“In addition to the monthly meetings, there are team building activities that we provide”.

in addition to monthly meetings, there are activities that reinforce team cohesion, the purpose that unites us and also promote the practice of physical activity.

It is part of the Samsys culture to promote an environment conducive to entrepreneurial happiness, as we believe that happy people are more productive. Not only do we develop practices that contribute to making each member of the team happier, but also we promote relationships between them, both inside and outside the work environment.

We are careful to plan activities for team building, that foster teamwork, communication and, as mentioned earlier, interpersonal relationships. For example, after our special monthly overcoming meetings, whenever there is an indicator of performance that is being overcome, we organize activities to team building, such as a run/walk by the river, a bike ride, a special dinner, a trip to the movies, a trip to the karting, among others, that are supported by the company.

Other initiatives include holding themed lunches/dinners sporadically, others at special times, such as the company's anniversary, summer, São Martinho or another date; the “Block H2O” – Friday afternoon conviviality; the celebration of the birth of our employees' children and bets on different sports, such as mountain biking, crossfit, swimming, tennis and football.

Additional activities carried out at Samsys: each employee is regularly provided with a a post-it motivational, on the part of another employee; games on the foosball table and on the Xbox (there are two: Xbox 360 and Xbox One) and a full library, in the company's leisure area, so that our employees can relax and, at the same time, relate to the friends. We also notice that the Clipping serves as a pretext for, while people are having coffee, they comment on topics brought up by the board, so we conclude it also ends up promoting communication and interaction.

Special conditions

We have measures provided for in special situations, such as birthdays or if there is any moment such as marriage or the birth of a child. In these situations, the birthday is offered or this phase is marked with special remuneration. In this way, we also work on the motivation of our team.

Other initiatives implemented are the participation of family members of the team's employees in certain company events and the protocol with a pharmacy where our employees have a 10% discount and free delivery to our facilities, which helps in the management of each person's time.

Samsys Academy

DDC requires dedication from the entire team. It brings together more than 2000 people annually to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to evolve their businesses.


Samsys created an Academy (Samsys Academy), which organizes events that bring value to society, which ends up involving the team in its preparation and participation. However, there is one particularly special moment each year, which is the DDC – the largest free European personal and professional development event, which takes place in Gondomar and which appears as a reflection of our mission. It requires dedication from the entire team, has dozens of volunteers and brings together more than 2000 people annually to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to make their business evolve.

General balance

The challenges are many, in the current context it is necessary to adapt communication to all generations and to take into account the diversity of the team when choosing the surprises that will be provided. These are people with distinct personalities, but who complement each other within each team.

The most important thing is to invest in strategies that keep the team together, motivated and that reflect on the importance of doing what we like and specializing in what our talent is directed towards.

Article in: Human Resources (February 2019), “Overloaded Organizations”

3rd edition Excellence Index | Issue No. 99

Ranking page 45 and p. 71

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Another achievement: Samsys in the Top 5 SME Excellence Index

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