Isabel Lima's profile – Speaker of the 10th Tertúlia Samsys


Isabel Lima's profile – Speaker of the 10th Tertúlia Samsys

Pedro Rebelo

Isabel Lima joins Pedro Rebelo and mark presence in 10th Tertúlia - Challenges in Hiring as Speaker, on October 18th, at 18:30 pm at the Hotel AC Porto. Challenges in Hiring is the theme presented. O Event is Free!

leave the day October 18 free at the end of the afternoon to attend the 10th Tertúlia Samsys where we tell you everything you need to know to identify talent!



Isabel Coelho Lima, Human Resources professional with over 17 years of experience in the Automotive Industry, Construction Sectors, Logistics/Supply Chain and HR services. Our speaker specializes in Strategic Administrative and Human Resources Management, such as Organizational Development and Change Management.

Isabel Lima is passionate about people and organizational development. See profile LinkedIn of our speaker to get to know her professional path as she prepares for the 10th edition of Tertúlia Samsys.

According to the guest speaker, older generations attach more value to factors such as professional stability and career development within the company. On the other hand, Millennials seek constant stimulation for new purposes and challenges.


What will be discussed at the 10th Samsys Gathering

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Samsys Gatherings

The Samsys Gatherings started in December 2012 with the general motto: “Alone you go faster. Together we go further!“. They are a space for sharing business experiences. Always with the aim of allowing all participants to exchange opinions about their reality.

The second meeting took place in March 2013 with the theme “Leadership and integrity in stressful conditions“. The third gathering took place in March 2014 under the theme “All companies have a culture”, and the 4th gathering in December 2014 on “Tradition, innovation and internationalization“. The 5th meeting, under the theme “The Succession Challenge in SMEs of Family Origin”, took place in March 2015, and the 6th gathering in November 2015 on “The Receipts Challenge”. The 7th gathering took place in March 2016 with the theme “How to use Portugal 2020 incentives to leverage your business“. The 8th meeting took place in October 2016 and discussed the Digital marketing. The 9th meeting took place on March 22, 2017 and had the theme “Challenges in Coordinating Sales Teams".

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Isabel Lima's profile – Speaker of the 10th Tertúlia Samsys

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