Samsys and Nunes Carneiro Partnership – More for You


Samsys and Nunes Carneiro Partnership – More for You

Nunes Carneiro Partnership

Nunes Carneiro JA Nunes Carneiro & Associados, and more a Samsys Partnership and tells us, in an interview, about the possibilities of active collaboration with our customers.

Samsys asked and Nunes Carneiro did not hesitate to answer.


Nunes Carneiro PartnershipYour company is dedicated to Consulting and Training. How do they usually work?

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 We like to work in a very personalized way and by project: from the analysis of our client's situation to a multifaceted intervention focused on obtaining concrete results.

We have an intervention methodology that we put into practice (P>S>R), that is:

Solution Results

This philosophy is structuring and allows everyone to always be focused on what is essential: solving problems, with a solid and sustainable solution that leads to concrete results.

A second important point: our consultants all have a mixed experience that, I suppose, best qualifies us for a quality intervention: we have solid experience both in companies and, at the same time, we carry out an academic activity in higher education. This combination of basic skills and more than 10, 15, 20 years of experience in consulting and training guarantee our clients good results and serious and committed work.

Finally, an innovative way in our approach to customer relations lies in the fact that we are (I won't say the only one) but one of the very few consulting and training companies that offers its customers a variable component of their fees calculated on the basis of negotiated results. and achieved. 



Nunes Carneiro PartnershipWhat are your main areas of intervention?

[ezcol_1fifth]Samsys Partnership[/ezcol_1fifth] [ezcol_4fifth_end]We work what we usually call “Customer Ecosystem”. In other words, we design and implement projects that cover the most diverse dimensions of our customers' relationships with their customers.

In this context, we can support organizations in defining their marketing and communication strategy, organizing their sales team, reengineering business processes, designing training programs, among many other services.

Our perspective is that Customers can only be managed competently and competitively if we have an integrated view of the entire process: pre-sales, sales and after-sales. Actively accompanying the customer throughout the cycle and with an objective that is always very clear to everyone: creating, satisfying, enchanting and retaining customers is essential to be in the market and to grow in a sustained, continuous and safe way.



Nunes Carneiro Partnership What can Samsys customers expect from this Partnership with Nunes Carneiro?

[ezcol_1fifth]Samsys Partnership[/ezcol_1fifth] [ezcol_4fifth_end]We want to work closely with the team at samsys since we have complementary services that will allow a stronger and more complete intervention aimed at obtaining results and creating value for organizations and their employees.

We know that to the customer who knows and values ​​Samsys work. In this way, we offer the possibility, with the same philosophy, but with different weapons, to become more competitive. Because? Because you will have at your disposal more skills, more services, new methodologies and our highly motivated team.

With Samsys we want to give more answers to your customers and potential customers, in a dynamic, broad, prepared and active perspective. Samsys customers already knew the quality of their work and the results of their projects. Now, they have another set of reasons to continue to trust and to look for other types of services. We await the challenges of your customers. We are convinced that, together we can create more value and generate more results.



Marketing Commercial management Internationalization
These are the main areas of intervention in companies and other organizations of the speaker's company of our 9th Tertúlia Samsys. he knew that the 10ª edition Is it October 18th already?


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Samsys and Nunes Carneiro Partnership – More for You

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