Remote Assistance to solve your IT problems

March 23, 2020

Remote Assistance to solve your IT problems

You don't have to leave the house to solve your computer problem with our Remote Assistance service.

periodic maintenance in equipment is carried out to maintain them and prolong their useful life, so that their work is not subject to failures or interruptions. Have you had some problems with your computers and you don't know what else to do? Have you reached that point where you can't solve the problem on your own? we are here for the to help with our Remote Assistance.

Need help troubleshooting your computer?

With the situation of telecommuting increasing given the current situation, it is natural that the number of Portuguese online and increase day by day.

In a closed country, “without being able to go outside”, shopping online and skyrocketed, as well as the daily consumption of the internet and different computer equipment.

In this way, the Samsys Technical Department is available to help you in the most diverse difficulties you may encounter in the use of your equipment.

Use our Remote Assistance to solve your problems

Problems of software not installed correctly, drivers missing, devices that are operating at snail speed, identification of the need to exchange parts of hardware, memory problems RAM, between others. We want to solve all your problems!

A Preventive maintenance is the most important but us. At Samsys, we are prepared and we have also of best expert technicians dealing, among others, with the equipment cleaning – with specific substances for each component – ​​along with the check and updates operating system, antivirus and tools or even disk error corrections.

A simple maintenance can avoid irreparable damage arising from a possible failure of your equipment. At this moment, we know as well as our customers the importance of ensure the reliability of business data, for example, maintaining the good performance of the machines in use.

At the same time, we warn against the danger of repairs carried out by unqualified personnel, which has caused serious malfunctions and even led to the loss of equipment.

although we have damage solutions, we prefer to wait for you at Maintenance as a way to prevent anything.

What problem can we solve? Use our Remote Assistance!

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Remote Assistance to solve your IT problems

Samsys Assistance

We have a team dedicated to our customers. Make a new request for assistance or if you want to download remote access. 

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