Mental Health: Samsys provides free platform to its helpers

January 19, 2023

Mental Health: Samsys provides free platform to its helpers

Mental health is an unquestionable issue in the business environment. With the pandemic, the importance of raising awareness of the mental health of employees has increased even further. Stress, anxiety and social isolation are now more evident. In 2023, the samsys facilitates access to these tools.

It's ok not to be Okay!

Mental Health in Companies

Businesses have an important role to play in promoting a culture of mental health positive. This includes providing employees with access to mental health resources such as therapists and support groups, as well as ensuring employees have enough time to care for themselves.

Samsys could not remain indifferent to the topic and provides free access to a platform from 2023 to support the well-being and mental health of its helpers, Team24.

Platform 100% dedicated to our Helpers

  • Each helper can access all the psychological support services, in a anonymous e confidential.
  • Take advantage of different promotional content psychological, physical well-being e emotional.
  • Schedule and conduct online psychology consultations with a psychologist.
  • Exchange written messages, in real time, with one of our psychologists.
  • Access to a application 100% dedicated and online, available on multiple operating systems.

Absenteeism, presenteeism, turnover, burnout, stress and psychological and emotional problems are real. With these actions we want to help our employees and mitigate these problems.

Sound mind, Sound company with the platform Team24.

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Mental Health: Samsys provides free platform to its helpers

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